‘We’ve paid our dues – it’s not fair to the elderly’

A pensioner is growing increasingly worried about rising bills and thinks it’s time the government stepped in to make sure older people don’t feel the brunt of inflation.

ill Rothwell (89), from Drimnagh, Dublin, is a widower, grandfather of six and great-grandfather of two and, like all pensioners, has noticed his rising shopping bills and public services due to rising inflation.

“I can handle it,” Mr Rothwell said. “But things are getting way too expensive. Every time I go shopping, the bill seems to increase.

“I’m part of a generation that went through tough times before and while that generation had the pandemic and now the cost of living is very high, when I was a young man we had our own issues, such as poliomyelitis and tuberculosis, as well as recessions.

“Each generation has its own challenges.

“However, I don’t think older people should have to pay the price of high inflation, when they shop or pay their gas and electricity bills.

“They have already paid their dues to society, as have I. I believe that now the government really needs to step in to do something to help the elderly.”

Mr Rothwell, whose wife Rosaleen died 10 years ago, added that he believed some were raising prices when they did not need to.

“I can see 30pc added to my bill when I go to the store compared to a few months ago,” he added.

The war in Ukraine is blamed, Putin is blamed, but I believe that some are taking advantage of this to simply raise prices at all levels and this must stop.

“I think this government needs to help people now and do something about rising prices.”

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