We are entering a new phase in the management of Covid


Le Taoiseach said the government is looking at how the country moves from an emergency to a more normal environment, but said much remains to be decided.

Micheál Martin today did not confirm a report from the Irish Independent that the National Public Health Emergency Team, along with two other emergency committees, will be disbanded from October.

“The CMO is the chief medical officer in the ministry of health and leads the public health campaign and it will continue, but specific formats and so on in terms of working group, in terms of group of senior officials, everything that will be examined. in terms of how do we go now from an emergency for a long time to creating a more, if you will, normal environment across government to deal with the next phase – but everything that remains to be decided.

“I’m not confirming anything because we have meetings on Monday and Tuesday – there is a parallel approach here – but we are entering a new phase, I said earlier this month, we are entering a new era in terms of management of Covid19.

“There have been many twists and turns – and there could be more. We are concerned about Delta’s impact on the level of disease,” he said.

Asked about the remaining seven states on the mandatory hotel quarantine list, Mr Martin said he would take public health advice on the matter.

“This is an evolving situation, we have high levels of immunization, we will reach a peak of immunization, we think a little early September, public health is very clear, they want two weeks after that to s’ make sure we sleep those protections, “he said.

Earlier today, the chair of the immunization task force said it is likely that 90% of those over 18 will be fully immunized by mid-September.

Asked about the possibility of Electric Picnic continuing, the Taoiseach said: “Electric Picnic didn’t get a building permit, that was the key issue there.

“Designate any event that a pilot cannot immediately overcome planning issues, so there will be consultation with promoters over the weekend and Monday to see what options are.”

On Thursday, the Minister of Culture and the Arts Catherine Martin said she was studying the possibility of designating the festival as a pilot event.

Health officials urge people to take advantage of walk-in vaccination centers

Public health officials have urged people to avail themselves of the Covid-19 walk-in vaccination centers, which are operating across the country this weekend.

The service has been expanded to include anyone over the age of 12, with clinics offering first doses of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, as well as second injections.

The HSE said this weekend was an opportunity for parents to take their children to vaccination centers, with schools returning after the summer vacation.

One of the participating centers offering walk-in vaccinations today is Fairyhouse Racecourse in Co Meath.

While the number of people attending the clinic today was lower, the majority of people who were found to be from the younger age groups.

Nessa Lynch, the coordinator of the Fairyhouse Racecourse Center, said this weekend was aimed at giving people who have not yet been vaccinated the opportunity to come in for the shot, either Dose 1 or Dose 2 .

She said the HSE “is focusing on a walk-in model this weekend to encourage anyone exceptional or left over to get the shot.”

“We are also appealing to the cohort of 12 to 15 year olds, accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, to anticipate the return to school,” she said.

“Our dates this morning were mostly 12 to 15 years old, so it’s great to see them come in,” Ms. Lynch added.

In short: this weekend’s walk-in vaccination clinics

She said many young people who have been found to want to be vaccinated because they are going back to school.

“Speaking with some of the young people, this seems to be the common thread that young people are eager to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves when they return to school.”

Anyone attending the centers for their second dose must provide proof of their first dose, such as their vaccination record, and ensure that the required time has passed since their first dose.

At least 21 days must have passed for anyone who has received a first dose of Pfizer, while for anyone who needs a dose of Moderna at least 28 days must have passed.

For children aged 12 to 15, the HSE has reminded parents or legal guardians that they must also visit the centers to give their consent for their child to receive the vaccine.

Children must also be provided with ID showing date of birth, including a passport, birth certificate or school ID card, but if a child has no ID, their parent or guardian can confirm his identity.

Additional reporting: Fergal O’Brien


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