Visitors are advised to stay away from Jasper due to a wildfire

But Ireland says electricity for the community will be redirected to the sewage treatment plant if needed, and usage limits may be needed if demand exceeds capacity to ensure essential services are supported.

ATCO Regional Manager Amanda Mattern said crews were able to restore power overnight to more than two-thirds of Jasper, but another outage occurred hours later due to the challenge of integrate generator power into a transmission system.

“Connecting a generator power system would normally require weeks of engineering, design and testing before going into production,” she said. “As we respond to the crisis to support the city, we must work to coordinate these technical aspects on site, with our team of experts, to help stabilize the electrical system.”

Mattern says Parks Canada will escort utility crews to the affected area when it is safe to do so.

Katie Ellsworth of Parks Canada says the wildfire is estimated at 55 square kilometers and is expected to grow without significant rainfall.

“We would like to echo and reiterate the Mayor’s messages that now is not the time to visit Jasper at this time.”

Further campground closures should keep the public safe and conserve energy provided by ATCO, she said.

“Currently, the power supply is unreliable and even the incident command post is out of power, except for the 911 contact center.”

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