The Real Health Podcast: Life Lessons with Mairead McGuinness

This week on Real Health I come to you live from the Irish Independent tent at this year’s National Plowing Championships in County Laois.

was delighted to be joined by Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union. Mairead joined me on stage to discuss the plowing championships, her role as European commissioner, but all the things that led to what she does now.

Before going into politics, Mairead was a journalist, which she says she always wanted to do: “I wanted to go into journalism. I wrote to RTÉ, and they replied saying: “When you grow up, come back”.

Young people who listen, there is no harm in reaching out. There is nothing wrong with having a vision or a dream. You don’t have to tell everyone because there are too many people who will tell you ‘you can’t do that’… I always say, never dismiss the craziest ideas in your head .

True Health Podcast: Life Lessons with Mairead McGuinness

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