The number of unemployed people falls below pre-pandemic levels

THE number of people out of work is now below pre-pandemic levels according to new figures released today.

Figures from the Department of Social Care show the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stands at 4.8%, which is lower than it was before Covid hit.

There are 177,004 people on the Live Register.

The number of claimants is 1,992 lower than in March and 965 lower than levels in April last year.

At this point, 385,211 people were also receiving the pandemic unemployment benefit.

“Today’s Live Register figure and the monthly unemployment rate also released a few days ago are very encouraging and reflect the reopening of the economy and job growth,” said the Minister of Health. Welfare Heather Humphreys,

She said the number of people under 25 on the Live Register stood at 17,120, while the seasonally adjusted youth unemployment rate was 5.6%.

“While these numbers are low and the labor market outlook for this cohort is positive, it is important that we focus on supporting people to find quality jobs,” she said. .

“Starting to work on a positive basis can have ripple effects throughout an individual’s working life.

“For these reasons, and for the benefit of the economy as a whole, we will ensure that job seekers get the training”

She said the challenge is to ensure that the positive labor market outcomes that we are experiencing are achieved across all sectors of the community.

Ms Humphreys said this includes those who have traditionally been disadvantaged, such as single parents, people with disabilities, minority groups and older people.

The minister said many employers are looking to increase their workforce as the summer season approaches.

“Through Future Building as part of the government’s Pathways to Work strategy, which my colleague Simon Harris and I launched last week, officials in my department and the Department of Further and Higher Education and related agencies will provide the training and skills needed by job seekers that are best suited for them to find work,” she said.

“Our priority now is to ensure that job seekers find work here. This will be a challenge for many people who may be out of work for a while and may need to reconsider changing the type of work they were doing before.

“This government is there to help job seekers to improve or retrain, depending on their personal situation.

“We will also work with employers to help them find staff for the vacancies they have.”

The department is set to hold more than 40 events as part of a week-long job fair focused on the construction industry.

This will be followed by similar job fairs in the coming months for other industries.

The Minister has asked a Labor Market Advisory Council to provide an annual report on progress in achieving the Pathways to Work 2021 to 2025 commitments.

He is due to report later this year.

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