The hospitality industry has warned that adherence to Covid-19 guidelines is “essential” if the government is to “continue with the current level of openness”


The hospitality industry has been warned that adherence to Covid-19 guidelines is “essential” if the government is to maintain the “current level of openness”.

The industry has been called to a meeting tonight by the Taoiseach Department to take place next week and warned that a “collective effort” is needed to reduce the “burden of disease and death from this latest wave. “.

In an email to the industry, the Taoiseach Department warned that it is essential that restaurant, pub and nightclub owners have a “full understanding” of how the virus is transmitted and what causes it. a “potential epidemic or super spread event”.

They were told that if the current “level of openness” is to continue, the hospitality industry must ensure that compliance with Covid-19 guidelines is “considered a best practice rather than a minimum standard to protect the communities “.

“Individual businesses should proactively assess the risks of their premises to calibrate mitigation measures in ways that are tailored to their business,” the email added.

They were invited to a meeting on November 9 at noon, where they will be shown the latest data on the spread of the virus and its link to the hospitality sector and the nightlife economy.

They will also be shown compiled data on industry compliance with existing Covid-19 measures.

They will discuss how “sectors can partner with government to promote and amplify public health messages at this critical stage”.

“If we don’t create a sense of collective effort, it will seriously hamper the ability to control transmission. In turn, this will limit our option in terms of reducing the disease burden and mortality from this latest wave, ”he added.

The government is concerned about compliance levels in the hospitality industry, nightclubs and live events.

It is understood that public health officials have also expressed concern over non-compliance with guidelines, including the enforcement of Covid passes and social distancing.

Government data earlier this week showed that, on average, one in four hotel companies do not properly apply Covid passes.

There will now be a push to work with industry, operators and developers to increase compliance.

It comes as more than 3,900 cases have been recorded today and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has warned that they will reach 4,000 in the coming days.


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