Teenager (19) killed dog after viciously hitting him, court finds


A teenager killed a dog by kicking it so hard the animal was thrown over its owner’s head, a court has heard.

osh Henney (19) kicked the dog, a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier, twice in the stomach while the pet owner spoke with his mother.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that the dog, named Sam, was around 10 months old at the time.

Henney of North William Street in Dublin city center pleaded guilty to killing a protected animal at her address on March 23, 2020.

He has 36 previous convictions and is currently serving a two-year sentence with the last six months suspended for a violent disorder offense.

Garda Adam McGrane told Dara Hayes, prosecuting, that on the date in question the injured person was on North William Street with his dog and talking with the mother of the accused man.

Gda McGrane said the accused was arguing with his mother and screaming from a window.

Henney then walked out of the apartment and told the aggrieved person to “fuck off here and go about her own business.”

The guard said Henney told the woman he “f ** king will kill your dog.”

Henney then took a run of about two yards and kicked the dog in the stomach.

The dog was kicked so hard that it went over the owner’s head.

Henney walked away, then ran to the dog a second time and kicked him in the stomach again.

The dog’s breathing was labored after the second kick and saliva with blood was coming out of its mouth.

The dog, who could not walk or drink, was transported by its owner to a veterinary practice and was still alive when he arrived.

The dog was put under anesthesia but died during treatment.

The court heard that Dr Alan Wolfe, who performed the dog’s autopsy, found multiple fractures and cracks in the dog’s liver.

Dr Wolfe discovered that all of the injuries matched the dog’s death from blood loss due to acute trauma.

Mr Hayes told the court that the injured party in the case did not have children and told Gardaí the dog was like family to her.

Gda McGrane agreed with defending Cathal McGreal that her client told Gardaí that he had lost his temper and didn’t really remember what had happened.

He agreed that the accused told gardaí that he could not sleep upon remembering the dog’s cry and wished to apologize for what he had done.

Mr McGreal said his client very much regrets what he has done. He said his client claims he never told the victim he would kill the dog.

The lawyer said his client’s father was shot dead in Malaga in front of Henney when he was 14.

He said his client told a psychologist that the offense was a “horrible thing to do” and that he wanted help to stop doing no more of the same.

Mr McGreal said his client’s mother smoked heroin and her client caught her doing so when she was a child.

He said the presence of the injured party was a “trigger” and that there was “an ongoing heroin relationship”.

The lawyer said it is undeniable that what his client did he is sorry and it haunts him.

Judge Melanie Greally said she was considering extending Henney’s time in prison due to the “despicable nature” of the offense.

She said she could accept that the offense was committed out of anger and that he had no intention of killing the dog.

Judge Greally ordered a report from the probation service and adjourned the case for finalization until October 26.


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