Sinn Féin received the most state funding in 2020


Sinn Féin was the political party that received the most money from public funds last year.

t received a total of 3.45 million euros from the state last year, while Fianna Fáil received 3.4 million euros and Fine Gael received 2.97 million euros.

However, out of the three largest political parties, Sinn Féin spent by far the least last year, spending 2.2 million euros, while Fianna Fáil spent 3.2 million euros and Fine Gael spent 2.57 million euros.

A recently released report by the Civil Service Standards Commission (Sipo) on political party funding in 2020 shows that Sinn Féin took away more than € 963,113 in public funds as of 2019.

He spent more than a million euros in wages and salaries, 92,869 euros in “computer and Web” and 29,226 euros in “severance pay”.

Last year, Fianna Fáil spent € 1.2 million on “Staff costs”, € 66,700 on newspapers and € 65,261 on “Computer maintenance”.

He also spent € 37,184 on telephone costs and € 427,666 on “general office and parliamentary costs”.

Party leader Micheál Martin received a payment of € 14,423.

Fine Gael spent € 689,476 on “employee compensation costs” and € 56,823 on consulting services.

The Green Party received 1.2 million euros in public funds, paying 539,375 euros for its employees and 18,434 euros for “brainstorming meetings”.

The Greens also spent € 4,410 on “media monitoring”.

Independents 4 Change received € 120,981, including € 3,000 paid to its parliamentary leader.

Solidarity People Before Profit received € 601,575, including € 4,861 in “Phones”, € 184,910 in salaries and € 100 in travel expenses.

The Labor Party collected € 957,840 last year, paying € 468,372 for salaries and pensions, € 31,158 on “Rents and tariffs”, € 40,628 on “Meetings” and € 9,408 on “Headquarters maintenance social ”.

The Social Democrats received € 658,227 in public funds and spent € 152,780 on “Salaries, PRSI and pension contributions”. It also spent € 24,247 in recruitment costs and € 9,993 in “Consultant fees”.

Aontú had € 58,401 to spend last year, spending € 19,474 on research.

Heads of parliamentary parties and elected independent officials receive the Parliamentary Activities Allowance (PAA) as well as funding under the Election Law of 1997.

Under the electoral law, parties received total funding of over 5.8 million euros last year and total spending was just under 4.8 million euros.

Under the allocation for parliamentary activities, € 7.6 million was paid to the leaders of parties, as well as € 667,351 for independent DTs and € 220,482 for independent Senators.

A total of 7.3 million euros was spent by politicians during the year under the AAP.


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