Revealed: From Springsteen to Bieber – how Dublin compares to other major European cities for gig prices

Irish Bruce Springsteen fans have been shocked after finding out that a trip abroad to see the American singer would be cheaper than heading to Dublin and spending the night.

Is it because concert tickets are more expensive in Ireland, or perhaps because of skyrocketing hotel room prices and ever-rising fuel prices?

In a comprehensive survey carried out by the Irish Independent, we have found that Irish concert prices for 2022/23 are relatively stable compared to other major European cities, meaning that factors other than tickets can lead significant expenses.

Bruce Springsteen will play three nights at RDS in May 2023, with tickets currently between €96 and €156 per person.

The spend on those tickets was heard in the Dáil last month when a fan priced a trip to the Italian city of Rome, including concert tickets, €200 cheaper than an overnight stay at Dublin to see the show.

According to Ticketmaster, to see Bruce Springsteen at the Circus Maximus in Rome, like for Irish fans, tickets will cost between €115 and €149.

Amsterdam follows the same price guide, selling tickets between €112 and €119, which appears to be the cheapest tickets on sale for the musician.

If you were traveling to Munich, you could end up spending up to €479 for a single ticket, as well as Vienna whose tickets are advertised at €439.

Justin Bieber is another big name heading to 3Arena in February with tickets currently selling for between €99 and €126.

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Over the Pond in London the gig is on sale for less, with the official O2 website announcing its lowest price at €77.

The French capital is even cheaper with tickets ranging from €62 to €111, but still not much cheaper than concert tickets in Ireland.

Trondheim in Norway has Bieber tickets priced from €145 to €186, which is a huge price increase compared to other European cities.

Elton John will perform in Dublin as part of his farewell tour in March 2023 and with strong demand for ticket sales, Ticketmaster has priced the concert at between €99 and €197.

Similarly, Barcelona fans will pay between €90 and €165, while Munich are asking for a minimum of €119 to see the musician.

The most expensive tickets on sale for Elton John’s farewell tour are priced at €195-€248 in the city of Zurich.

On the other hand, the cheapest tickets you will find are in Antwerp, with their lowest advertised at €58 but they can still go up to €165.

Ticket sales in Dublin do not seem to differ significantly from other European cities.

Most notably, we can see that the Dublin dates on The Black Crowes tour sell for the cheapest price of €48.

With other cities like Barcelona and Paris selling tickets for the American rock band from €56.

Prices go up to €167 in Antwerp, more than double the maximum price to see the band in Dublin.

Celine Dion is on tour early next year and will take the 3Arena stage in March, with tickets selling between €96 and €187.

In Oslo, tickets for Power of Love singers cost between €74 and €177. With prices rising in other European cities like Copenhagen which are on sale between €81 and €171.

London charges a minimum of €101, with tickets costing up to €601, which is the most expensive place on the singer’s tour.

Former Black Sabbath member Ozzy Osbourne is touring Europe and the US next summer with No More Tours 2, playing in Dublin for one night at a cost of €71-220.

In London we see similar prices for the rocker with tickets ranging from €64 to €225, as well as in Madrid tickets are priced between €56 and €141.

The prices collected show that Ireland is actually in the middle when it comes to comparing our concert tickets with those of other European countries.

Antwerp sells Shawn Mendes tickets for a minimum of €180, while Dublin starts sales at €76.

The cheapest tickets for this concert are seen in Bordeaux in France at €45, followed by Amsterdam from €59.

Guns and Roses will play at Marley Park later this month, with tickets displaying a standard price of €85-€172.

The band will also play in Glasgow and London, both gigs starting at €87 per single ticket, as well as in Vienna with tickets at €95.

The same concert is on sale in Munich between €102 and €149, making Ireland one of the cheapest places to see the band.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar will be performing at 3Arena in November and fans have been getting tickets for €96-€131, which seems to be the average price to see the musician in Europe.

In Copenhagen, you will spend €67 for a ticket, compared to €45 minimum in Antwerp.

Rappers tickets are sold at similar prices to Ireland in countries like Norway (€80), Switzerland (€82) and England (€94).

Demand for Olivia Rodrigo tickets skyrocketed last year when the singer announced she would be performing at Fairview Park in Dublin.

Tickets went on sale for exactly 49 euros each, which seemed to be the standard fare across Europe.

Tickets in Brussels were priced at €44, with Amsterdam advertising them between €42 and €60.

Its Paris shows also fell into this price category with tickets costing between €41 and €48 per person, with Zurich the slightly higher prices at €63 – €73, dropping Ireland not far off the average price to see the singer.


Bruce Springsteen

  • Dublin: €96
  • Barcelona: €125
  • Rome: 115 €
  • Amsterdam: €112
  • München: €359
  • Vienna: 319 €
  • Zurich: €121
  • Oslo: €88

justin bieber

  • Dublin: €99
  • London: €77
  • Vienna: €93
  • Paris: €62
  • Amsterdam: €210
  • Trondheim: €145

Elton John

  • Dublin: €99
  • London: €90
  • Paris: €67
  • Munich: €119
  • Barcelona: €90
  • Antwerp: 58 €
  • Zurich: €195

Celine Dion

  • Dublin: €96
  • Amsterdam: €89
  • Glasgow: €51
  • London: €101
  • Paris: 73 €
  • Copenhagen: €81
  • Oslo: €74

The black crows

  • Dublin: €48
  • London: €69
  • Antwerp 59 €
  • Amsterdam: €63.84
  • Paris: €56
  • Zurich: €75
  • Barcelona: €56

Kendrick Lamar

  • Dublin: €96
  • Amsterdam: €56
  • Copenhagen: €67
  • Oslo: €80
  • Paris: €56
  • Zurich: €82
  • Antwerp: 45 €
  • London: €94

Ozzy Osbourne

  • Dublin: €71
  • Glasgow: €59
  • London: €64
  • Munich: €78
  • Zurich: €92
  • Madrid: €56
  • Bologna: €57
  • Berlin: €78

Shawn Mendes

  • Dublin: €76
  • London: €76
  • Antwerp: 180 €
  • Vienna: €115
  • Amsterdam: €59
  • Burgundy: €45

cannons and roses

  • Dublin: €85
  • London: €87
  • Glasgow: €87
  • Munich: €102
  • Vienna: €95

Olivia Rodrigue

  • Dublin: €49
  • Zurich: €63
  • Paris: 41 €
  • Amsterdam: €42
  • Glasgow: €46
  • London: €46
  • Brussels: €44
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