Pelosi and Schumer warn British not to damage GFA


United States President Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer both spoke separately over the weekend, warning the British government to preserve the Good Friday deal at all costs. .

Schumer spoke to 100 Irish American activists at the Martin McGuinness Leaders’ March on Sunday morning at the Irish Famine Memorial Site.

He said he had informed the British that there would be major consequences in America if the Brexit dispute undermined the Good Friday deal. He said he was in full solidarity with Irish America and the Irish government and said business partnerships and relations with Britain and the United States would suffer greatly.

Schumer said he was “fully committed” to the deal and could not be watered down.

He spoke of his own warm bond with the Irish-American community which he said has always supported him. We are on the same road together, ”he said.

The Martin McGuinness Peace Foundation was established after the untimely death of the former chief negotiator for Sinn Fein. It aims to defend issues of peace and social justice.

Meanwhile, in London, President Nancy Pelosi on Friday warned the UK government not to interfere with the deal.

Pelosi told a conference at Chatham House, a London think tank, that Britain and the United States “will likely” end up with a bilateral trade deal, but that a deal is “very unlikely. If the terms of the General Agreement are broken.

“It is not said as a threat, it is a prediction, if there is destruction of the Good Friday agreements, it is very unlikely that we will have a bilateral agreement between the UK and the US “, said the speaker.

Pelosi said the Good Friday Agreement, signed in 1998, was one of President Clinton’s great foreign policy victories. His support is also bipartisan in the US Congress.

He is “very, very, very, very well respected in the United States Congress,” Pelosi said.


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