One more throw of the dice to manage the increase in energy demand?

The expenditure intervention will offset 82% of increased energy costs, and more than 90% for the poorest families. This will likely spur our government’s demand to review its own aid program before the end of the summer.

This is probably in the context of the Republic’s energy policy, given the requirements to achieve net zero goals and the severe distortions and pressures that have been introduced by the war in Ukraine.

A serious public contest begins to take shape between Eamon Ryan, the Minister of the Environment, and the former Minister of Justice and tánaiste Michael McDowell.

In his weekly column for the irish time, Mr McDowell asks whether Mr Ryan’s statement to Seanad that Ireland did not foresee a future involving nuclear generation represented the position of the Government as a whole or his personal political position as Minister. Mr Ryan also said Ireland would rely on nuclear power, British or French, as a back-up option.

Mr McDowell said the nation needed absolute clarity on the amount of electricity needed, especially as demand was expected to rise in this decade.

“Now is not the time for waving wands or wishing well,” he said. No doubt we will hear more.

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