Northern Ireland Protocol rewrite part of Good Friday deal – DUP


The Northern Ireland protocol “rewrites” part of the Good Friday deal around cross-community support, the DUP said.

Brexit party spokesman Sammy Wilson says the deal threatens peace in the region.

Earlier, Foreign Secretary Simon Coveney warned Britain would face “really significant consequences” if London suspended the protocol.

He said earlier New: “The EU has really bent over backwards to try to find solutions to the problems.

“They have listened to the people in Northern Ireland, the business leaders there and the political leaders there and whenever the EU comes up with solutions…

“I think this is a very effective strategy for [UK Brexit Minister] Lord Frost and for the Prime Minister, because there has been a lot of flexibilities on the EU side, while the UK has given nothing “.

Corn Mr. Wilson said The hard shoulder he sees it differently.

“They bent over backwards to do as much damage as possible to Northern Ireland and the UK economy.

“And every day we hear about how the protocol affects trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.”

Citing a recent example, he said: “Just last week we received a complaint from Iceland delivering a shipment of frozen food to Northern Ireland.

“The EU official at the Port of Larne demanded that some pizza in the front of the truck be unloaded so that she could inspect it.

“And a whole truckload of frozen food has been lost … certainly no indication of flexibility on the part of the EU, but petty rule applications that hurt business.

“And of course the EU still insists that a foreign court rule on cases in Northern Ireland.

“I don’t think you would agree to a UK court making decisions on cases in the Republic of Ireland: why should we allow the European Court to rule on cases in Northern Ireland, and also insist that EU laws apply to Northern Ireland? “

“The agreement harms peace”

Host Kieran Cuddihy pointed out that this was the Brexit deal Britain had signed up to.

To that, Mr Wilson said: “This may be the deal the UK has signed on, but it is clear that this deal is hurting the peace in Northern Ireland and hurting the economy.”

Asked how it harms peace, he says, “It harms peace – well, you only see the tensions that are in the streets, you can see the tensions that there is now. in the [Stormont] Assembly.”

He also asserted that there is a “real danger” to the constitutional and institutional arrangements under the Good Friday Agreement.

“This is because we demand a certain consistency – if you want to have good North-South relations, you also have to have good East-West relations.”

Mr. Wilson says that multi-stakeholder institutions in the North have been affected.

“The institutions are very, very balanced – they are balanced … that there should be cross-community support for controversial issues.

“The protocol actually rewrites that part of the Good Friday agreement by removing the need for cross-community support on issues relating to the protocol.

“And secondly, the Belfast Agreement refers not only to relations between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but also to relations between Ireland and the rest [sic] from Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

“These relations have been, once again, torn apart by protocol.”

Main Image: Composite image shows Democratic Unionist Brexit Party spokesperson Sammy Wilson in April 2020 and a Belfast Ferry sign, Birkenhead, England in July 2021. Photo by: World History Archive / Alan Morris / Alamy Stock Photo


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