No winner of tonight’s € 19million Lotto jackpot – prize has now rolled 47 times


Again, there has been no winner for the € 19million Loto jackpot tonight – the prize has now been carried over 47 times since June 6.

The publicity storm around the National Lottery began on Friday, when Fine Gael TD called for a “full investigation” into why there has not been a Lotto jackpot winner since June.

The Kildare TD has called for an audit to be carried out in the National Lottery, as the bi-weekly jackpot has now been carried over 46 times since its last win on June 6.

He insisted that he was not suggesting that “something strange happened”, but that he wanted reassurance.

“It’s been almost six months since he was won. The jackpot has been stuck at 19 million euros since September.

“I have never agreed with Premier Lotteries Ireland’s decision to increase the number of balls to 47. I’m old enough to remember 1986, when there were 36 balls and so it is. that it should have stayed, ”said MP Durkan.

The national lottery started in Ireland in 1988 with six winning numbers needed from among 36 balls to hit the jackpot. Premier Lotteries Ireland DAC (PLI) is the operator of the Irish National Lottery after receiving a 20-year license in November 2014.

MP Durkan further called on Lotteries Ireland management “to drop a few balls in good faith” and to make the competition “more winnable”.

“In 1988, there were 36 balls, 39 in 1992, 42 in 1994, 45 in 2006 before reaching a big 47 in 2015,” he explained.

MP Durkan, who sits on both the Oireachtas’ finance and public spending committees, said he would write to Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath, whose department oversees the lotto, to voice his concern and understand his take on the matter.

Under the terms of the National Lottery license, nearly 30 cents out of every € 1 spent on National Lottery games is donated to the Exchequer to be used by charitable projects.

“The prospect of winning is so distant that bettors must think Shergar would have a better chance of winning Squid Game,” said MP Durkan.

In a statement issued on Friday, a spokesperson for the National Lottery said: “As of September 2015, 80% of the Lotto jackpots have been won in 7 weeks and the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot have not changed for this period. Currently, no one has matched the jackpot numbers in 23 weeks, but Lotto is a game of chance with strict playing rules.


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