Mick Wallace says Russia has ‘real security concerns’ as he and Clare Daly defend opposition to EU motion

Last night MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace maintained their opposition to a European Parliament motion against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Wallace said Russia “has genuine security concerns about NATO entering Ukraine, but that doesn’t change the fact that what Russia has done now is a crime.”

Both men said their stance was one against increased militarization by European allies and “other serious clauses” which they said would prolong the war.

Members of Independents 4 Change have come under heavy criticism since they and 11 other MPs voted against a European Parliament resolution that called for fast-tracking Ukraine’s bid to join the EU. EU membership and condemned the invasion.

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But speaking on Virgin Media’s ‘The Tonight Show’ last night during an interview from Brussels, Ms Daly said: ‘We voted absolutely to condemn the Russian invasion, to blame Russia alone. .. This is a completely illegal act on the part of Russia.”

But she said they voted against the motion because it ‘also contained a number of very serious clauses, such as increased weaponry entering Ukraine – and we are seeing that now with a massive escalation of the conflict. – we see more engagement with NATO – and a commitment by the EU to increase its military spending.

“In our experience, that just means prolonging the situation and making it worse,” she said.

She said the outcry over their position had led to “a bit sinister” developments, notably at the offices of the 13 MEPs in Strasbourg who voted against the resolution by having Nazi stickers put on their doors – including hers.

“It means the neo-Nazis have their eyes on us,” she said, adding that she had also received a number of very aggressive emails regarding their position.

She said she also had the support of those who agree with their position on maintaining Irish neutrality.

Ms Daly and Mr Wallace, along with Irish MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, have come under fire for opposing an amendment to a European Parliament report on foreign interference in EU democratic processes which endorsed the European Commission’s ban on so-called “Russian disinformation”. organs,” including state-run RT and Sputnik TV.

Mr Wallace said that “the EU as an institution has not done well. Putin was 100% wrong, it’s a disaster what he did,” he said, adding that Putin’s actions are war crimes.”

Asked about the EU ban on Russian state television, he said: “I don’t believe in censorship. Would you like to be censored? “, he asked the journalist Claire Brock.

“I am amazed that the media thinks censoring other media is a good idea,” he said, adding that “the amount of misinformation coming from both sides is phenomenal and it will be difficult for us to know what is going on. actually happens”. , probably later.

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