Mick follows in his father’s footsteps with national award


Mick Abidoye faced a lot of adversity in his young life, faced setbacks that would have derailed many. In 2019, his father passed away at the age of 46, and then Mick’s promising football career and an American college scholarship was cut short by a career-ending injury. And yet, last week, the 21-year-old Enniscorthy was the youngest recipient of the inaugural Black and Irish Awards held at the Hilton Hotel in Dublin. Winner in the Platform of the Year category, Mick was honored for his work with createdineire, an online platform that promotes Irish talent across the world.

I just wanted to showcase Irish talent everywhere, promote artists, sports people, business etc. Mick says. “After a day, we had a thousand followers and now we have 7,000 followers on Instagram. Once that took off I started working with Black and Irish and did things like giving lectures after George Floyd passed away. And then I was nominated for the award. I was the youngest there. It was amazing to win, my mom was really proud.

A cousin of Derby County footballer Festy Ebosele, Mick is currently studying business at Sligo IT and hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a businessman. In addition to his work with createdineire, he also works as a Music Director with Trust it Entertainment which brings the best of the Irish music industry to the world.

Black and Irish was created in 2020 to highlight and celebrate the identity of Black and Métis Irish. Its mission is to engage with the wider Irish community by sharing the experiences of community members. The group liaises with politicians, schools and businesses to help create an inclusive Ireland.


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