Major clean-up underway after the Christmas Day floods in Wexford


A major clean-up was underway in parts of Wexford today after heavy rains which caused flooding yesterday.

The Rivery Slaney in Enniscorthy broke out last night, flooding the streets of the center of town, and a number of people had to be rescued from their cars after being trapped in the floodwaters of the Bridgetown area.

A number of houses were also flooded.

Coast Guard helicopter R117 assisted in the rescue, along with lifeboat Fethard, Wexford Civil Defense and local firefighters.

It is understood that no serious injuries were reported as a result of the flooding.

While a yellow rain warning was given for Wexford and the counties of Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wicklow until 8 p.m., the amount of rain that fell inundated local river systems.

Wexford County Council has advised motorists to stay off the roads and not attempt to navigate through the flooding.

In a Twitter post, Wexford County Council said there were many damaged roads due to flooding and described driving conditions in many areas as dangerous.

“Stay off the Wexford roads tonight whenever possible… lots of flooded / damaged roads. Dangerous conditions in many areas and difficult to see these dangers at night. Wait until tomorrow and the light of day and stay safe, ”he said in a tweet yesterday.

“Don’t underestimate the depth of the flooding on the roads tonight. Don’t try to get through this flood. Lots of calls to our emergency services from people stuck in cars during floods, affecting our ability to respond to more urgent and dangerous emergencies, ”he said in a second tweet.

Aerial images posted to social media showed the area in and around Bridgetown, where vehicles had been abandoned, with water levels at waist height.

Flood waters also washed away the Cullenstown Bridge on a rural county road.

The area around Killurin was also affected.

A number of roads around the Carcur area of ​​the city of Wexford, as well as the Carley Bridge at Enniscorthy and the N25 at Barntown, were also affected.

Garda reported localized flooding along parts of the N30, N25 and R735.

Met Eireann had issued a yellow rain warning which predicted precipitation levels between 30 and 50mm and a possibility of localized flooding.

A spokesperson for the Met Eireann said today that the first readings of 36.6mm were recorded at Oak Park station in Carlow, while 58.9mm were recorded at Johnstown Castle in Wexford.

Various factors affect how flooding occurs, such as the amount of water already in the ground and the rate of precipitation in concentrated periods of time.


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