Love Island: Episode 48: The End Is Near


And now the end is near. And so we face off, the final quartet. Although by default. But first … we had ANOTHER ‘Epic Date’ to endure. I know, it’s not like Love Island to drag things out or anything.

Chloe and Toby sent to Mad Hatter Tea Party
Connection. They sat festering in the warm forest, surrounded by photos of their time together, mostly remembering Toby’s former partners – Kaz, Abi and Mary. Surprisingly, it was Toby who led the conversation, showing just how much this “boy” has matured since breaking in eight weeks ago. Things culminated with their participation in one of their now infamous slurp festivals. What about you? It didn’t make me sick. Probably because Toby is the only original male contestant left. And he brought back candy from his date for everyone.

It’s a family affair …
How did the Islanders feel about meeting their parents while wearing thongs? Good, apparently, since no one bothered to change. Either way, as has become customary, the families came to an understanding with the remaining contestants the day before the final, and it was heartwarming to see that that hadn’t changed this year under the circumstances – to apart from the inability to kiss or kiss. Sad but necessary.

The first relays to enter were …
… Liam’s parents and Millie’s mother and sister. When the couple saw their loved ones were outside, they were greeted with a flurry of profanity. You could almost see the realization creep into their beings that their families were watching them hide under the covers for the past two months. Liam’s parents gave him a lick when it came to Casa Amor; the right order. However, they looked solid and extremely charismatic, which can only stand up to Millie and Liam’s victory tomorrow night.

Then the families of Faye and Teddy came down
The first thing Faye’s sister said was “Mum and dad are so proud of you … but dad says you swear a little too much.” And that’s where the count ended. Teddy’s brothers (yes, he has brothers – Carlos and Sydney), meanwhile, told him that it was difficult for them to watch Faye in the Villa while he was at Casa Amor, before tearing her apart. his funny bone.

When Teddy asked them what they thought of Faye, they quickly swerved, saying that they “couldn’t give a good look since we just saw part of who she is.” In other words, they’re not thrilled with what they’ve seen so far.

Tyler’s mother and father arrived with Kaz’s mother and sister …
The conversations were similar to those between Liam and his parents. In other words; you messed up at Casa Amor, son! Kaz’s mother and sister were rave about Tyler despite his about-face, which must have been a source of massive relief. Everyone involved seemed eager to get over the incident, with Tyler’s dad quickly mentioning preparing the barbecue for a post-Villa party.

They kept the best until the end …
Toby and Chloe’s family were only lovable because of the unbridled honesty, support and love displayed. Chloe’s sister is essentially her clone (yes, twice the carnage) as her mother walked into the Villa shouting “You’ve been ICONIC”, which every parent should shout out if given the chance. As for Toby’s mother and sister? Well, they were suitably fabulous. For obvious reasons. H’up Mayo!

Tweet of the night …

Key to take away …

Island of love END tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.


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