Local dog finds its way home after six weeks wandering the streets of Kamloops

Many attempts were made to bring Genie home, and search parties were even hired in Vancouver. For long days and nights, McAndrew says the community came together to help find her.

“There were sightings at Batchelor Heights in the Lac Du Bois area – that’s when we set a trap and went there. There were a few sightings, but she was so nervous to come see us,” McAndrew adds.

“I was trying to figure out how are we going to get this dog. It got so exhausting during the night hours,” says Nikki Milenk, who helped search for Genie.

McAndrew and her daughter Ireland say they went through a whirlwind of emotions throughout the six weeks.

“I felt really, really, really sad,” Ireland said.

“It’s really upsetting for her (Ireland) because it’s also everything to her. She’s known her (Genie) since we’ve had her – since she was about two and a half [years old]. He’s also Ireland’s little pal so it’s been tough on my family and certainly my daughter,” McAndrew added.

However, after nearly two months of searching, on Monday August 1, Genie was found.

“I jumped up, told her to stop, she stopped, ran towards me and came into my arms. We are very overwhelmed and I can’t thank the community [enough] so many.”

The so-called “Journey of the Genie” luckily had a happy ending – and the family is just happy she’s home.

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