Killiney gorse fire: Evacuated homes, two hospitalized firefighters and the Air Corps carry out water drops

More than 10 homes had to be evacuated and two firefighters were hospitalized battling a wildfire on Killiney Hill on Monday.

The fire, which is still raging, has forced evacuations and will see the Air Corps assist firefighters by dripping water from the air today in an attempt to put out the blaze.


DFB PIC Fighting Gorse Fire: Kevin Beirne

DFB PIC Fighting Gorse Fire: Kevin Beirne

Dublin Fire Station Officer Darren O’Connor said they were hopeful the blaze would be brought under control but efforts were continuing to extinguish the blaze.

“The fire started around 5 p.m. yesterday and at the height of the fire there were seven aircraft (fire engines), two tankers and two senior officers present,” Mr O’Connor said. to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

“The Air Corps helicopter will take off from Baldonnell very soon and do some water drops this morning. Homes are still being evacuated but the fire has been contained and a containment perimeter has been established around the fire.

“It’s just that hot spots need to be mitigated and we’ll be keeping an eye on them throughout the day,” Mr O’Connor said.


Photo of the Killiney fire.  Photo: Thomas Mason

Photo of the Killiney fire. Photo: Thomas Mason

Photo of the Killiney fire. Photo: Thomas Mason

Two firefighters were taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment of an eye injury and arm laceration sustained while fighting the blaze, Mr O’Connor said, adding that both are expected to make a full recovery .

Humidity, which helped bring the wildfire under control overnight, will drop by noon and winds are expected to increase, but Mr O’Connor said he hoped the airdrops and continued operations on the terrain would prevent an outbreak of the fires.


Warden and emergency services were working to evacuate residents from their homes in the wider Mullins Hill area yesterday as the Killiney Gorse Fire continued to spread.

Garda began the evacuation procedure around 9 p.m. because the fire moved and started to move into people’s gardens.

Seven pumps and two tanker trucks remained at the scene overnight. Crews focused on two areas to protect homes, Glenaula Road and Ballinclea Heights.

Two members of the Dublin Fire Department were taken to hospital with minor injuries, but no residents were injured.

Fire crews advised residents of the area to keep windows rolled up and doors closed if they were downwind of the blaze this morning. They also indicated that road closures could still be in place this morning and to take this into account in the movement of residents.

Firefighters were battling a blaze that was reignited several times by the wind. The emergency services were alerted shortly after 6 p.m.

As plumes of smoke swirled around the Glenalua Road area, parents and children of all ages could be seen descending the hill with backpacks and suitcases as they prepared to spend the night elsewhere.

Angela Kennedy, who has lived in the neighborhood for nearly 50 years, is one of many residents who had to leave her home for the night.

Ms Kennedy was one of the first to raise the alarm when she spotted the flames approaching her property at 3pm.

“The next time I saw the smoke I freaked out because it was only about two feet from my house.

“I had a hose in the back and I went out and put the water in as far as I could to stop it coming down. It’s all gorse up there and we’ve had fires before , but I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said.

“I don’t think they’ll let them come back tonight. I won’t sleep anyway because when I’m in there I can see out the back where it was burned, that’s how close it was. He didn’t come all the way because the firefighters arrived and laid the pipe. It’s over being flooded up there now. I thought so [the house] was going to leave. »

Another resident of the estate said his children were at the cinema for the evening and his wife took him home to collect essentials as they will not be returning tonight.

In a message posted on Twitter, the Dublin Fire Department wrote: “Thank you to everyone who called and alerted us.”

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