It was the United Kingdom that “inherited” Carlos III

There have been generations of British men and women who know no other head of state than Queen Elizabeth II. with whose death The country, which has been on the throne for seventy years, is entering the era of change and the new emperor will be, Carlos III, who recognizes the myriad challenges that the UK presents in the short, medium and long term. It is a time of crisis, crisis, and breaches opened on the political and social level, with which the monarch figure, often perceived as simply institutional, will have to deal. BrexitPandemic, war in Ukraine, crisis and regional challengesThe list of Carlos III is very long.

“It’s a moment national catharsis“, he explains 20 minutes Guillermo iguez, doctoral student at the University of Oxford, who, On the other hand, he does not anticipate an “institutional crisis”. After the succession, despite the fact that the Queen was “sticky” to British society. Carlos III is not as consistent as his mother was, But it has a good level of valuation (more than 60% according to the latest surveys). He becomes the oldest heir to the throne at the age of 73, but according to iguez it’s “a fantasy to think he could pass it on to his son”: “As long as his father is alive, Guillermo will not reign”Thus, the calculation leaves, for example, a regime of more than a decade in which the country can face a relevant turning point.

Carlos III inherited a deeply troubled country. Brittany is suffering Due to energy and economic instability, soaring inflation and supply issues Brexit most. Moreover, with the fall of Boris Johnson and the arrival of Liz Truss in Downing Street, he replaced his Prime Minister after very turbulent months. The United Kingdom, today, is a divided country, which doubts its exit from the European Union (especially taking into account the opinion of the younger generations) and which Three different leaders in the past six years,

in this direction, Carlos III will have to do the same work of reconciliation that his mother tried to do at other important moments in the country’s history. For example, when the United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973, he had already been on the throne for more than two decades, and in 1992 he gave a speech in the European Parliament in which Advocated to “provide general feedback” to strangers who show upForty years later, it was the unifying element when Brexit It was effective. Now your child will have to deal with the consequences.

Moreover, like other countries in the world, UK in chains after more than a decade of crisis, The Great Recession of 2008 was worsened by the pandemic and now a new economic blow resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With the population tired and exhausted, Isabella II – as evidenced by her departure – became the meeting point for all. “The queen herself was more important than the monarchy”, iguez expresses. The testimony that Carlos III takes has not only to do with the throne, but to become a reference.

New referendum in Scotland?

Another front that seems open to the new emperor is related to Scotland, which appears to be heading for a second independence referendum. ,The passing of Queen Elizabeth is a deeply sad moment for the UK, the Commonwealth and the world. His life has been one of extraordinary dedication and service. On behalf of the people of Scotland, I send my deepest condolences to the King and the Royal Family,” Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote on social media.

In the meantime, his electoral program already includes A new vote for 2023, even if the crisis could change plansHowever, it also opened the door to be held unilaterally, that is, without the corresponding “permission” from London. At this point, Boris Johnson and, all indications, Liz Truss, will close the door on an agreed consultation. However, the expected date will be October 19 next year.

“Should Scotland be an independent country?The question chosen for the referendum is the same as the one used in 2014, When the “no” to independence wins with 55% of the vote. It should also be remembered that in the context of Brexit Scotland and Northern Ireland were the only regions that voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. “I am determined to ensure a process which allows the people of Scotland to express their views in a legal and constitutional referendum through their yes, their no or their indecision, so that the decision of the majority is established in an impartial manner.” Be fair and democratic,” Sturgeon warned.

Shadow of a possible Irish reunion

The situation in Northern Ireland is similar to that in Scotland, where The issue of reunification has gained weight in recent years.Especially after the country voted against Brexit. Thus, according to the latest polls, more than half of Northern Irish people are in favor of calling a referendum on this reunification. flame It was also revived with the Irish protocol, one of the most important parts of the London-Brussels deal.This ensures that there is no physical border between the two Irelands and therefore supports the Good Friday Agreements, which brought peace to the island in 1998.

However, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has the mandate to call a referendum. Provided that it “appears likely” that a majority is in favor of reunificationHowever, this concept is very broad. To take care of her health, Liz Truss hired Steve Baker, one of the Conservative Party’s strongest Brexiteers, in the job. In addition, two other conditions must be met for a referendum to take place: A majority of Catholics among the population and a nationalist majority in the Northern Irish Parliament, which is not happening despite Sinn Féin’s victory in the last elections. Despite everything, the position of the European Union is clear: if reunification takes place, Northern Ireland will enter directly into the bloc “joining” the Republic of Ireland, which is already a member.

future of the commonwealth

and about Commonwealth, When Isabella II ascended the throne in 1952, she was the supreme authority of 32 countries. His son, the new King Charles, inherited only head of state in 15 countries including Australia and Canada, But the scenario is unstable. in Canada, where a certain republican feeling reigns, but without political organization, and in Australia, which In 1999 he organized a referendum which the monarchy won with 55% of the vote, the change of king could reopen the debate. In fact, Australia’s current Prime Minister, Labor Party member Anthony Albanese, took office in May with a clear message: “The republic will be a reality,” he said.


Beyond the fact that Australia has reopened the issue, even if the monarchy has always received some support in the country, it is in the Caribbean where major changes can take place. Without going any further, Carlos attended the ceremony as a prince in 2021. barbados It became a republic. In addition, Princess William and Kate were booed during their tour of Jamaica Last year also for the region, so it is not excluded that other countries will follow the Barbadian route with a change of thrones.

Elizabeth II was a symbol of stability, Britain’s transition from empire to mighty nation was led by a man who sat on the throne for seven decades. Now the change has come and Carlos III will sit in the palace. The duty to defend the monarchy as a point of unity From a society which, with its nuances, is going through very delicate years. (much) A change of era in a time of change.

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