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The winners:

Group winners

After winning the Best of Breed competitions, the following best dogs have won in their respective groups and compete for the Puppy / Junior of the Year:

Jock: Ashwood She’s like the wind, a Irish setter known as “Windy”, owned by Genea White Jones & Laura heidrich of Fountaintown, IN and bred by Genea W Jones /Timothy jones/Suzzie Bambule/Laura heidrich.

Dog: Baha Babylon And On, a Saluki known as “Ginger”, belonging to James donahue, D. Scott Pfeil and Fran donahue of Ingleside, Illinois and raised by caroline coil/Rachel rehberg.

Job: U Make The Rockin World Go Round of Arete, a Doberman Pinscher known as “Ryder”, owned by Vicki hitzfield and Korey hitzfield of Dayton, ohio and raised by Vicki hitzfield/Wende call/Korey hitzfield.

Terrier: GCH CH Goodspice Efbe Money Stache, a Sealyham Terrier known as “Stache”, owned by Margery Good & Emily bennett & F Bergeron & L Spiegal from Cochranville, Pennsylvania and bred by Margery L Good /France Bergeron.

Toy: CH Hallmark Jolei Out Of This World, a Shih tzu known as “Comet”, owned and bred by Luke & Diane ehricht of Monclova, Ohio.

Non-athletic: CH My Resume ‘@ Byrequest, a miniature poodle known as “Maya”, owned and bred by Wendy F Penn of Orient, OH.

The breeding: Eclipse Ace In The Hole, a Berger Picard known as “Rupert” owned by Chris Ruppenthal of Shingle Springs, California and raised by Donna Beadle/Michael Pearl.

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