Ireland’s Climate Action Plan Boosts Clean Tech Jobs Growth Globally

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NEW YORK, Dec 3 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – ireland The new climate law places it as one of the most ambitious countries in the world in the fight against climate change. This new law and new climate action plan go beyond previous climate action goals to further promote the development of the indigenous cleantech sector in Ireland and in their locations abroad. Irish companies, with the support of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish state agency that partners with Irish companies to develop ireland international trade and innovation, are hard at work developing innovations to address some of the world’s most important sustainability challenges.

Irish businesses are playing an important role in the race to zero emissions, delivering cutting-edge innovation and new sustainable solutions. From agriculture to construction, waste management and offshore renewable energies, Ireland is rapidly becoming an international hub for clean technologies.

Clean technology, or clean technology, encompasses investment, technology and business sectors, including clean energy, the environment, and sustainable or green products and services. Over the past decade, the global cleantech sector has grown dramatically, with Irish government policies playing a critical role in contributing to a sustainable region and world. Irish international exports to the sector increased by $ 85 million in 2019 at $ 535 million compared to the previous year. Not only is this good news for the Irish economy, which saw a nine percent increase in cleantech jobs created last year, but it means innovative Irish cleantechs are having a global impact; help build a better and more sustainable world. ireland The new Climate Action Plan should extend current support to further promote the development of clean technologies and renewable energy.

“Countries and organizations around the world are setting ambitious sustainable development goals to become more energy efficient and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Sara Hill, boss of Southern United States & Mexico, Company Ireland. “Irish companies offer a distinctive blend of technological innovation and expertise. And these skills and knowledge create real motivation to make a difference in the world.

Companies such as Enterprise Ireland NuLumenTek which exports worldwide from their headquarters in Cork, play a crucial role in this growing and important sector for Ireland. As a provider of sustainable, smart and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, NuLumenTek, since 2012, has delivered some of the largest retrofit lighting projects in Ireland and the Middle East.

“The fastest way to reach net zero is to become much more energy efficient,” said Jim healy, Managing Director, NuLumenTek. “If we look at the majority of the building stock, it is easy to identify ways to reduce their energy consumption by 50% through a range of optimization options such as integration of monitoring, smart controls and technological upgrades in lighting and heating. , ventilation and air conditioning systems “.

The Irish government has continuously supported cleantech companies, providing end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of infrastructure providers, utilities and industry globally. The following are just a few examples of innovative Irish companies striving to make a real difference.

Wisetek is a global leader in IT asset disposal (ITAD), data reuse and destruction services. Wisetek strives to provide world class services to achieve maximum financial return from the advanced reuse, refurbishment, remarketing and recycling of discarded IT equipment. Business processes allow customers to be ethically responsible for the disposal of their IT assets and the destruction of their data.

Ocean energy generates energy when seawater pushes air through a turbine, and the rotating turbines convert the motion into electricity. A 100 megawatt wave farm could power more than 18,000 homes. The equipment could also be used to power desalination plants, offshore fish farms, or even underwater data centers (servers generate a lot of heat, so putting them in the ocean is one way to keep them cool. costs). Waves are also a more stable and predictable source of energy than wind or solar power, which requires batteries or some other form of storage for times when the sun or wind is not available.

ApisProtect uses unique and innovative technology to help beekeepers avoid losses and increase the productivity of their hives. ApisProtect machine learning technology collects data from multiple sources, including thousands of examples of healthy and weak colonies; disease screening; inspection reports; and aggregated and anonymized data collected from beehives around the world. ApisProtect algorithms use the data to understand hives and suggest actions to improve colony health.

NVP Energy provides a highly efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment solution, offering an end-to-end service covering all aspects of the project, from calculating the feasibility of the installation. Company technology reduces chemical oxygen demand by over 80% and total suspended solids up to 50%, generates energy, produces 90% less sludge than other aerobic treatment facilities / activated sludge.

C&F Green Energy is a global industry leader, manufacturer of small and medium-sized wind turbines with a mission to make wind energy affordable and accessible on the farm, home and business. C&F Green Energy supplies and installs high efficiency, efficient and quiet wind turbines in Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan, and more and more around the world. The company’s mission is sustainability, and it strives to make wind power more affordable and accessible to everyone.

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About Enterprise Ireland: Enterprise Ireland is the Irish state agency that works with Irish businesses to help them start, grow, innovate and gain export sales in global markets. Business Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish companies and research and investment communities to develop ireland international trade, innovation, leadership and competitiveness.

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