Ireland climbs from 40th to best in the world to deal with Covid-19 – Bloomberg resilience ranking

Ireland has climbed to the top of Bloomberg’s Covid resilience rankings, meaning the nation has handled Covid-19 better than any other country in the world, according to the media and finance giant.

The reland went from around 40th at the start of January this year – when it had the world’s worst infection rate – to the first this month.

The Covid Resilience Ranking is a “monthly snapshot” of where the virus is most effectively managed with the least social and economic disruption.

It is calculated using 12 data indicators such as containment of the virus, quality of health care, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress towards resuming travel and easing borders.

The ranking includes the 53 largest economies in the world.

Bloomberg attributed Ireland’s ‘surprising turnaround’ to a strategy used across Europe – limiting entry without quarantine into the state only to people who have been fully vaccinated or can prove they had recently recovered from the virus .

Ireland’s decision to “grant more national freedoms” to those vaccinated, such as access to indoor meals, has also helped boost vaccine protection across the population, said Bloomberg.

Ireland currently has the highest rate of fully vaccinated adults in the EU / EEA with 91% of people over the age of 18 fully vaccinated, according to the latest data from ECDC.

European / EEA countries dominate the rankings, with only Canada and the United Arab Emirates being the only non-European countries to enter the top 10.

Spain is in second place, having climbed eight places, while the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark are the top five countries to manage the Delta variant throughout 2021.

The United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Canada and Norway are in the top 10, with the United Kingdom moving to 16th place.

Ireland reached its first rank despite having the highest infection rate among the top 10, with only the UK and Turkey recording a higher incidence of the top 20 countries listed by Bloomberg.

Ireland’s transformation as a world leader in treating Covid-19 stands in stark contrast to the United States, said Bloomberg, the world’s largest economy falling to 28th in the Covid Resilience rankings.

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