Inside Housing – News – Northern Irish political stalemate is ‘harming’ housing delivery in the country, CIH warns

Housing delivery across Northern Ireland is being hampered by the country’s lack of formal government, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has warned.

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Housing delivery in Northern Ireland is hampered by lack of formal government, CIH warns #UKhousing

The lack of a functional executive in Stormont has affected housing delivery, said Justin Cartwright, CIH director for Northern Ireland.

Coupled with the cost of living crisis and a sluggish British economy, this had a lasting negative impact, he said, which could only be corrected if the political impasse was resolved quickly.

“The inability to deliver much-needed new homes is having a devastating impact on tenants and the communities our members serve,” Cartwright said.

“The worse the political inaction becomes, the more [longer] the opportunity to increase the supply of housing for those who need it most is up in the air.

Northern Ireland faces a new election to break the political deadlock in the country.

The executive is made up of politicians from the largest parties in Northern Ireland. However, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) blocked the formation of a government, in protest against the Northern Irish protocol.

The trade protocol, which was introduced following Brexit negotiations with the EU, has been a stumbling block since its agreement in late 2019. Rival parties including Sinn Féin have called on the government to resume and the DUP to end its opposition to the protocol.

The CIH also warned that housing providers “will struggle to continue to deliver the scale of new social and affordable housing needed” without the necessary confirmed funding and progress to remove barriers to delivery, adding that this was necessary to cope with the growing demand for housing in the country. lists.

Mr Cartwright said: “Delivering new homes at pace and scale goes far beyond just bricks and mortar. If the sector is unable to provide much-needed new housing on the scale required, homelessness prevention will be compromised, net zero housing development will be delayed and the opportunity to provide jobs and apprenticeships to increase our labor will be wasted.

“This situation is not inevitable. The housing sector must see the formation of an executive as an urgent matter; we need incumbent ministers who can make critical decisions that help, not hinder, local housing delivery.

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