Index of some fraudulent calls in Ireland with a key difference in the number 087


The current scourge of fraudulent callers targeting thousands of Irish phone numbers continues as more and more people appear.

Scammers called standard mobile numbers 083, 085 and 087, with many elderly people falling victim to robocalls.

When people answer these numbers, an automated message is broadcast, with the organizers claiming to be from the Welfare Ministry among other government agencies – often asking you to pay a fine.

Many are desperately trying to uncover the telltale signs associated with these numbers so they can be sure they are not responding.

Twitter user Michelle McMahon reported a gap on the latest 087 number to contact her.

She wrote: “Useful note on those lost scam calls – they’re missing a number.

“May look like a legitimate Irish number, but it’s a giveaway. Don’t answer, cancel and block.”

Index of some fraudulent calls in Ireland with a key difference in the number 087

However, after its subscribers verify the numbers bombarding their phones, it appears that some of the scam callers contain the full 10 digits of an Irish mobile phone number – but it’s worth watching out for.

Gardai yesterday issued a statement making the public aware of this criminal activity, and said; “An automated message informs the recipient that their PPS number has been compromised and asks them to press 1 to speak to an investigator or manager. The caller is then prompted for personal data.”

Gardai across the country is warning locals by giving them examples of experiences that community members are reporting.

They remind the public that “no fine is ever paid over the phone. It is a scam. Hang up immediately. If it’s an automated voice asking you to press 1 or any other number, don’t.

“No Garda, HSE, Social Welfare of Govt staff will ask you to pay for anything over the phone. “


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