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The loan services market is known to many consumers as a counterweight to classic banks, which are known to be very demanding on their clients. The simplification of formalities introduced by other non-bank companies means that loans for proof are not uncommon today. We present the ranking of the best offers, which require minimum formalities. for more.

Identity loans – offers:

Loan services are becoming an increasingly proven and valuable alternative to traditional banks, competing with them with their own products – payday loans and long-term loans. They attract the attention of consumers with many solutions that significantly streamline the process of applying for financial assistance, making them easily and quickly available. This would not have been possible were it not for the internet, thanks to which payday loans are at your fingertips with minimal formalities. We present the best proof loans in our ranking.

To prepare our ranking, we have collected the best loan offers as proof from safe and proven loan companies that you can trust. Using a clearly arranged, readable table, our ranking gathers the most important information of interest to consumers applying for payday loans as proof. The criterion taken into account was the minimum of formalities. All companies presented here are distinguished by very simple conditions for providing financial assistance. When looking for a fast and secure loan, everyone should find something for themselves in our ranking !

ID card loan – conditions

ID card loan - conditions

Online loans are known for their very simple rules, which are given by non-bank companies. While applying for a bank loan, you need to prepare for verification, among others in terms of extensive creditworthiness at BIK, source and amount of income or expenditure, loan companies significantly simplify these procedures. However, are they limited to only one thing and loans for proof are possible? This is, of course, a simplification that is to help emphasize the attractiveness of loan offers in terms of speed of verification of formalities.

The identity card itself is, of course, the basic way to verify the identity of the consumer, which is why in theory it allows you to obtain all relevant information about the potential lender. However, to avoid fraud by fraudsters, security lenders provide a few additional terms. Among them, the following sample information appears.

  • Gaining access to a report showing the history of repayment of liabilities in the registers. Loan companies carry out this activity to assess how the repayment of e.g. loans and other liabilities has been carried out so far. To this end, Ferratum Money checks, among others KRD, but he does not visit BIK. In turn, Vivus or Wonga check both BIG and KRD as well as BIK.
  • Age limit.
    In addition to ID card, which is known to confirm the completion of legal age, some companies specify an additional, higher minimum age limit. Some do not have such a requirement, such as Fast Cash or Cheap Credit. On the other hand, for example Loan Plus requires that the consumer is at least 21 years old.
  • Confirmation of identity.
    This stage is related to the basic part of each of us – identity. To maintain basic security measures, loan companies ask consumers to verify their identity using the various methods available. For example, Seventies bank asks you to transfer 1 penny from our bank account, Fine Bank additionally allows you to verify your bank account using the Instantor system.

Evidence loans without earnings certificates

Evidence loans without earnings certificates

At a time when banks consider one of the most important verification elements to present a thoroughly documented source of regularly earned income – many lenders do not ask their clients to provide such detailed data. Showing such information is not only a lot of formalities, but also a lot of time, which as you know – is very valuable. Among the loan companies presented in our ranking, there is no shortage of those that do not require the submission of any income statements, such as Miloan.

This allows to significantly shorten the process of applying for a loan, which is of great importance for consumers who need urgent financial assistance. It is worth adding that loan companies that do not require income statements from consumers do not ask for other similar documents, such as tax returns and the like. In this way, obtaining an express loan online proof is even faster and more convenient.

Instantaneous instant proof via internet – verification

Instantaneous instant proof via internet - verification

When applying for a quick payday loan as proof with a minimum of formalities via the Internet, it is worth remembering that verification is a necessary step. The reason is simple. As mentioned earlier, loan companies are trying to protect themselves against the risk of fraud by fraudsters, identity thieves and other individuals fraudulently extorting financial obligations on data that is not theirs. It does not take much time, and allows the consumer to sleep more peacefully.

The verification of consumer data is usually done in the following, the most common ways.

  • Instantor.
    This modern system is used by many leading loan companies to quickly verify using a bank account. He logs in to the online banking account, automatically verifying transactions from the last few months. Then, an automatic report is generated, which, in addition to verifying consumer data, also assesses his current financial standing. Instantor is a safe and trustworthy system that has been used by the loan sector for years. The instantor system is used, for example, by Halo Loan.
  • Matic Cash Lender.
    Similar to the Instantor system, Matic Cash Lender deals with the automatic verification of the consumer’s bank account. It checks the transaction history on your account, e.g. checking how often certain receipts were obtained and what expenses were. This system is very convenient for loan companies, because apart from verifying the financial situation, it also allows to check the identity of the applicant for a loan. Matic Cash Lender is a secure system used by such well-known companies as Fine Bank or Agree Bank.
  • Transfer of 1 penny.
    The most traditional method of consumer verification is as simple and clear as its name. It simply consists of transferring one penny to the indicated bank account number. This transaction is quickly verified by the loan company. Many of them provide for the repayment of this symbolic amount. The method of transferring 1 penny is still very popular and willingly chosen by many consumers. Customers can use it, among others Smart Loan.
  • Giro check.
    This niche and rare solution is a good way to verify for people who, for example, do not have a bank account or are not in favor of the aforementioned verification methods. By providing proof in the post office and a special code obtained by SMS, the loan funds can be paid to the consumer at the post office in the form of classic cash.

Some companies use these solutions in parallel (e.g. both Instantor and one penny transfer of your choice), while others use one of them as the only way to verify their personal data.

Installment loans for proof alone

Installment loans for proof alone

People who need financial support, as you know, have different needs, different goals and even more diverse preferences. To this end, the loan companies we have gathered in our ranking are open to various consumer groups. Both those who are looking for smaller sums of money for small expenses and those who need a larger sum for a more expensive case will find something for themselves. A large sum requires more time from us to accumulate funds for repayment, so it is not surprising that loans for large sums are offered in installments.

Although in our ranking the vast majority of proven loan companies specialize in the so-called short-term loans for a period of 30, 45 or 60-65 days, but it also includes offers especially for the most demanding consumers. At Provident, you can get up to $ 20,000 in financial assistance for a maximum of 48 months, i.e. 4 years. With few formalities, the consumer can get a secure offer from a proven company to cover more expensive expenses.

Private loans for ID cards

Private loans for ID cards

The loans sector is dominated by professional companies and companies that specialize in money lending services. They are often large international corporations serving millions of clients every year and lending huge amounts of funds to many clients in various parts of the world. In need of financial support, however, there is no shortage of opportunities to use the services of private individuals. If the consumer prefers such more intimate and less official services, there is no shortage of such a way to obtain financial support. Often, you can only get money there for your ID card.

What is worth knowing about private loans?

  • A private loan can be obtained from anyone who does not professionally borrow money. It can be either a loved one, a family member or friend, as well as a colleague or a stranger.
  • The rules for granting private loans are regulated by the Civil Code 1, specifying, among others an obligation to draw up a loan agreement if the funds borrowed are greater than $ 1,000.
  • However, we recommend that you draw up a loan agreement in writing for each transaction – regardless of the amount of the liability. This allows the interests of both parties to be secured and all basic principles related to the giving of an undertaking to be explained to popes.
  • Private loan for an ID card can be an attractive obligation due to e.g. no need to verify in BIK and BIG. Private ID cards are a viable solution.

What to look for when taking a loan as proof?

Few formalities required for private loans as proof is a very bargain solution. It reduces the process of providing such financial assistance practically only to agree on the loan amount, repayment date, costs and rules around repayment of debt on the contract. Apart from aspects such as verification of creditworthiness, sources of income, etc., applying for a private loan is simplified to a minimum, sometimes taking literally a few minutes.

It is worth being aware, however, that the lender must somehow secure his interests. For this reason, when applying for private ID loans, you must always pay attention to the security issue. To this end, the lender may, for example, ask you to pledge valuable property such as a car, or even an apartment or plot. It is worth establishing appropriate records to establish clear security rules.

Another issue to watch out for is the extra cost of the loan. It is worth discussing exactly their amount, the method of calculation with the lender, etc. It is necessary to simulate what part of the sum of money to be refunded are fees. Private lenders want to make a big profit from financial assistance, so consumers should be very sensitive to how much the borrower wants to earn on us.

How not to be fooled?

How not to be fooled?

Much of the private loan offerings over the internet are a mere fiction, and the investor doesn’t want to borrow any money. He only wants one thing – extorting money in the form of an initial, preparatory and handling fee. Sometimes he also uses the applicant’s personal data to make another commitment in his name. How to protect yourself from this?

  • Treat private loans over the internet as a last resort
  • Do not pay any initial or preparation fees before signing the contract – when the investor requires it, there is a high probability of fraud!
  • Check the lender’s details – name and surname, PESEL number and tax identification number, business address,
  • Look at the list of KNF warnings – it is available for free on the Internet on the KNF website 2.
  • Browse reviews of the lender on the Internet
  • Check the data of the private person by the NIP and REGON numbers in the CEiDG 3 database – the lack of an entity on the site indicates his dishonest intentions,
  • Read the rules and privacy policy carefully on the website

Private loans online, especially for those in debt, are not cheap and above all they are not free! If a private individual offers this type of commitment, then he certainly is not guided by honest intentions. Instead of private loans, it is worth using the help of well-known loan companies that have offers for people with debt in store.

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