I wrote off the car during a flood, so will the insurance cover the cost of that?

Q I misjudged a flood on the road on my way home in the dark after work the other day. The flood was much deeper than I expected and my car got stuck in the water. There was significant damage to my car and it could be write-off. Will my car insurance cover the cost of replacing my car?

A As long as you have comprehensive car insurance, you should be covered for any damage to your car that occurs after driving through a flood, according to Insuremycars.ie managing director Jonathan Hehir. However, he said whether or not you are covered will very much depend on the attitude taken by your insurer. Your insurer may not pay if it thinks the damage to your car could have been easily avoided, he said, or if it thinks you didn’t take all reasonable precautions to protect your car. Some insurers will take a harder line on this than others. You mention that your car could be written off. It should be noted that if your car is damaged beyond repair, your insurer will usually only cover the market value of the car. This amount is probably significantly lower than the cost of a new car. In some cases, for example if your car is less than a year old and you were the first owner, your insurer may offer to replace your car with a new one of the same model and brand. You’re unlikely to be covered for flood damage to your car if you only have third-party, fire and theft coverage, or if you only have third-party coverage . Although comprehensive car insurance is more expensive than these options, it will generally be worth it if you need to make a claim, Mr. Hehir said.

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