‘I won’t be flying again’ – reports of two-hour waits at Dublin Airport today, but DAA insists security clears in 45 minutes

There were long queues outside Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport this afternoon, but the Dublin Airports Authority (DAA) says 98% of passengers get through security within 45 minutes.

harmaine Quinn, from Blessington, Co Wicklow, said she would not return from the airport until the chaos calmed down as she waited two and a half hours to go through security today.

She arrived at 3.00pm for her flight to Liverpool and did not arrive until 5.30pm.

“I won’t be flying again until the chaos at the airport is sorted out, it’s no joke,” she said.

“The airport seems to only time it once you reach zone seven inside, disregarding time spent queuing in the parking lot outside the airport.”

At 3pm today the queue started at the top floor of the Terminal 1 car park and continued all the way outside the terminal.

Individual queues for airline check-in counters and baggage drop-offs did not take place outside the terminal, but passengers who dropped off their baggage were led back outside to join this security queue.

Queues were significantly shorter in Terminal 2, with no passengers waiting further than directly outside the security barriers.

Mia Magee from Dunboyne, Co Meath, was traveling with her friends to Santa Ponsa, Spain, today for their post-Leaving Cert holiday.

By 3:20 p.m., they had been outside the security queue for half an hour and still had not entered the Terminal 1 building.

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“We stood in line for a long time. We had to stand in line at the parking lot and then it goes all the way around,” she said.

“First we had to go below, then on the roof, then across the bridge, then here outside the building.

“We don’t drop off luggage, so we’ve been here half an hour, which isn’t that long, but we’re not even inside the airport yet.”

By 4 p.m., the security queue outside Terminal 1 had dropped significantly, with no stagnant queues outside the building.

A DAA spokesperson said it had no reports that it would take passengers up to two and a half hours to pass through security and that the majority pass in less than 45 minutes.

“There were a few moderate delays this afternoon, but the processing was relatively smooth overall today,” they said.

“Some queuing outside the building occurred for a short period of time, as may happen at the moment during peak periods, but security processing times remained under 60 minutes in the two terminals Security check times are currently under 45 minutes in both T1 and T2.”

The advice remains the same: passengers should arrive two and a half hours before a short-haul flight and three and a half hours before a long-haul flight.

Those checking in should add an extra hour to that.

Ryanair and Aer Lingus both open their check-in counters at 3am, with Aer Lingus allowing passengers to drop off their bags the day before their flight.

It comes as Aer Lingus was forced to cancel more flights from Dublin Airport today.

As staff shortages due to Covid-19 absences continue to plague the airline, five more flights have been cancelled, impacting travel to London Heathrow, Berlin and Hamburg.

According to the Dublin Airport website, flights from London were scheduled at 7.30am, 3.55pm and 8.15pm, while the flight from Hamburg was scheduled to depart at 7.00am and the flight from Berlin at 5.55pm.

Arrivals at Dublin Airport were also affected, with four inbound journeys cancelled. These flights were to depart from London Heathrow (11:20 a.m. and 7:35 p.m.), Hamburg (11:50 a.m.) and Berlin (11:15 p.m.).

Yesterday Aer Lingus had to cancel 12 more flights following a spike in Covid cases.

It came after three return flights were canceled the day before, due to the virus, while Covid and strikes were blamed for 13 cancellations over the weekend.

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