I was the victim of ATM theft. The perpetrators were the machine and my own bank

Exorbitant fees

We’ve all heard of bank robbers, but that term has a double meaning. There are people robbing banks, and then there are banks robbing people.

I was at the Ward Parkway mall last week and needed $20 cash. I went to an ATM, followed the procedure and got my $20. The machine charged $6.50 for the withdrawal. I had never paid more than $3.50 before. Ouch.

The next day I looked at my bank statement and saw that my bank had charged me an additional $10 to get the $20 cash advance on my credit card. In total, I paid $16.50 for a cash withdrawal on my credit card, which I still have to pay back. Then interest rates from 14% to 24% start immediately. I feel like I was pounded by a loan shark.

Things are not easy in these times. It seems absurd to me that my bank – which made a record net profit of $32 billion last year – and the company that owns the ATM are charging 82% combined on a cash advance. But I have no right to complain. This does not concern me.

Caveat emptor: Buyer beware.

– Duke Tufty, Kansas City

It still flows

Water continued to flow from a leak at 66th Terrace and Pennsylvania Avenue. The water service had been notified more than ten times. On Tuesday, he took action: an orange cone. On Thursday, a team finally showed up and fixed it.

Over 300,000 gallons were wasted by my estimate.

– Allen J. Parmet, Kansas City

selfish women

Some women in our world today are very selfish, like the author of an October 26 letter to the editor who equates the right to abortion with freedom, (12A) as well as those of many other articles that I have read.

Women are free to use contraceptives and abstinence (banal ideas). They could also carry babies to term and let someone adopt them – such a novel idea to help someone who can’t have a baby.

Women therefore have a choice. What choice do babies have? None. The most dangerous place for a baby today is in the mother’s womb – I read that on a sticker and thought how true that was.

The way people talk about abortion, you would think it was completely banned in the United States. But guess what? Missouri women can still get an abortion by traveling to another state. But, oh, I forgot: we want everything to be fast and very convenient.

Now, selfish women: go ahead and complain about how you are abused.

-Claudia Vaughn, Raymore

belief, fact

Fact: Democratic candidates have lost twice in the last six presidential elections despite winning by popular vote. How many Republican candidates have suffered this fate? Zero.

Fact: Gerrymandering is perpetrated by both major parties, but Republicans have been much more successful at it.

Reality: Although Democrats are outnumbered overall, their voting strength has been significantly eroded by geo-sorting.

Reality: The overwhelming majority of Republicans claim to believe that the election is stolen from them.

Oh the irony.

– Paul L. Schenk, Parcville

By the numbers

I am increasingly worried about our democracy. The political vitriol and violence in our country is out of control. I asked reasonable leaders like Senator Jerry Moran to say that the 2020 election was not rigged or fraudulent. There’s a big difference between saying Joe Biden is president and saying Donald Trump just and squarely lost. Moran did not respond.

If the Democrats rigged the 2020 election, they did a damned bad job of it. Republicans won 23 Senate seats, 214 House seats and eight governorships. I haven’t heard or read a word about their elections being fraudulent. Under what circumstances would you rig the election of a single candidate in our entire country? Common sense tells us Nope Republicans would have won had the 2020 election been rigged or fraudulent.

A number of candidates across the country support the false idea of ​​a rigged 2020 presidential election. Let’s go back to the days when people of honor accepted defeat with grace and dignity. Step back to the days when elected officials worked together to uplift everyone in our country. Go back to when they could disagree on policies without being disagreeable.

Please vote carefully. Our democracy depends on it.

-Sue Thompson, Assignment

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