I am in the Financial Credit Institutions and I need a loan.


That is why many people consider “I am in Inef and I need a loan”, but of course, the banks do not grant credits to clients who are registered in the Inef. That is why we must look for a new solution, an alternative financing source and private equity companies are the solution for this problem.

Credits with Financial Credit Institutions

Credits with asnef

Our company provides loans with Financial Credit Institutions to its clients and for this we only need a guarantee that can be of a real estate type or of any other kind, so that the consumer only has to provide us with a property that has enough value so that we can give the money what do you need. We grant our clients up to a maximum of 20% of the value of that guarantee and these guarantees can be from vehicles, floors, art collections, etc. All kinds of goods with the sole exception of jewelry. In this way, the client has a wide range of possibilities, among which he can select the one that best suits his personal needs.

Real estate guarantees

Real estate guarantees

We place special emphasis on real estate guarantees, they have to meet a very important condition so that they can be accepted as such, they must be free of charges and mortgages and the floors, houses, premises, etc. will be valid. We do not accept plots or plots.

The loans with Financial Credit Institutions that we provide in our company thanks to private capital loans have many advantages, our lenders can provide money in less time than a bank does. The client will obtain his money in a term inferior to 72 hours whenever we have received the necessary documents in our offices.

Another of the virtues or advantages provided by the loans with Financial Credit Institutions of our private lenders company is that we grant money to people who do not have a monthly payroll, being unemployed is not an impediment when it comes to obtaining liquidity.

Our company is formed by a team of private and private lenders who have extensive training in financial and real estate issues, for that reason we can deal with various aspects, for example the official valuation of your home that we carry out at an economic price for the client. We always try to take care of everything we can and we never ask for money in advance, this facet of us makes the paperwork speed up and the consumer receives the amount he needs in the shortest possible time.

The security of our operations is very high and customers can feel safe and confident in our hands because it is a company that is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and we comply with the existing regulations regarding private loans.

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