Hundreds take part in anti-abortion rally outside Leinster House – The Irish Times

The government has been accused of refusing to meet with anti-abortion representatives over Ireland’s abortion law review at a rally in Dublin on Saturday.

Independent TD Carol Nolan told a March for Life rally opposite Leinster House on Molesworth Street that there was “absolutely no excuse for the way the government is excluding the anti-abortion movement from the three-year review process”.

It was ‘completely unacceptable for the Minister of Health to repeatedly meet with pro-abortion groups to hear their views on what should happen in the review, while refusing to meet with pro-life representatives “, she said. “The Oireachtas Life and Dignity cross-party group, of which I am a member, asked to meet Minister Stephen Donnelly on the current review, but he declined to meet with us,” she said.

“They hope that we will shut up, but we won’t. In a democracy, we have every right to have our concerns represented at the decision-making table,” she said.

Addressing the few hundred people who attended the rally, mostly young people, she said “what’s going on under the new [abortion] law is really horrible and much worse than expected before the law came into force. As more and more people start to realize what is going on and how they were lied to before the 2018 referendum, I am confident that things will start to change for the better.

She said that “the voices of women who regret their abortions go unheard, or the voices of women who have considered abortion and changed their minds at the last minute. A process that does not actively encourage these women to share their stories can only be described as a charade.

Senator Rónán Mullen told the rally that “this year our government has paid for 7,000 abortions, that’s 7,000 lives lost – and in the case of the mothers of these children, lives damaged – and we, as a community , we have to work to get people cured, to get people supported and we have to work to bring those numbers down.”

It was “scandalous to think that of those 7,000 the doctors – admittedly only 7 or 8% who perform abortions – got their money, but in 2,000 of those abortions they didn’t even bother to report these deaths to the authorities as they are expected to do under the law. I think that tells you something about the callousness and lack of respect for human life in a small part of the medical profession. And sadly , it’s not something our government is going to set foot on in the near future.

What was needed was for people to “push and connect with your local representatives and ask themselves, what can I do in my busy life to make room for this great and noble cause “, did he declare.

“Others changed the law in our country and we lost one of the best things we had about our country because people colonized the idea of ​​compassion and gave it meaning that it didn’t have. ever had. There is no true compassion until everyone is included in our society, regardless of creed, color, race, disability or stage of life,” he said. -he declares.

Senator Sharon Keogan was “absolutely heartened to see the number of young people here today. There are times when this place in there [the Dáil] can be a very, very lonely home for politicians like us, politicians with a conscience.”

With support and “without the help of God up there, I certainly wouldn’t have the courage to continue” or to speak to “those who may wonder what is happening to our children in the gender clinics. So I appreciate all the support you are giving me and my colleagues here at the Dáil,” she said.

Former UCD student union president Katie Ascough told the rally that more than 20,000 had “lost their lives in the first three years of Ireland’s new abortion law”. She said “apparently the people running our country think the best we can offer a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy are counselors who facilitate abortion and have no experience in exploring ‘other options’.

The research revealed “a very clear and disturbing pattern of counselors advising women who make their first appointment with an abortion physician, even in situations where the woman has made it clear that she is unsure of want an abortion,” she said. “They get a fast track to abortion. This is an intolerable situation and it happens every day in our country.

Dr Brendan Crowley pointed out that “medicine has never been about deliberately ending life” and that “deliberately ending the life of an innocent and helpless human being is a direct violation of these very principles and should never, ever be tolerated.”

Abortion law “forces all physicians to engage in non-evidence-based practices that routinely end a patient’s life and are often very harmful to the woman. It tends very directly and intentionally to force doctors to radically violate their most basic conscience and principles,” he said.

Autumn Lindsey, spokesperson for Students for Life of America, told the rally that “abortion advocates want you to play defense. So play offense. They may have been able to pass a law, but they cannot change the culture you have created here in Ireland. Life will triumph over death and we will see abortion abolished in Ireland.

The March for Life rally was the fifth anti-abortion event this year. These include three regional marches in Cork, Galway and Donegal, organized by the Pro Life campaign, and the Rally for Life in Dublin last July, organized by the Life Institute.

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