HSE data reveals Waterford has the highest rate of Covid vaccination


Figures from the HSE revealed that Waterford has the highest vaccination rate of any county in the country for adults, adolescents and children aged 12 and over.

According to data, 99.7% of people aged 18 and over living in Waterford are fully vaccinated, while 96.8% of adolescents and children aged 12 and over have also taken a course of Covid vaccination -19.

The south and east of the country lead the way in terms of high vaccination rates for adults and minors, with Carlow, Wexford, Tipperary and Wicklow just behind Waterford in the ranking of the two categories.

Of the 26 counties in the Republic, only three have complete vaccination rates below 90% of the adult population.

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They are Laois at 87.2 pc, Donegal at 85.3 pc and Monaghan at 84.3 pc.

Meanwhile, 10 counties have yet to hit the 90% mark for fully immunized youth ages 12 and older.

Monaghan, Donegal and Laois are at the bottom of this table again, at 81.2pc, 81.5pc and 85pc respectively.

Figures refer to data released at the end of October and were communicated to Fine Gael Cork North-Central TD Colm Burke.

However, the HSE confirmed that as of November 8, the overall absorption rate among the total eligible population (12 years and older) for their first dose of vaccine was 92.1 pc, while the rate for people completely vaccinated was 90.5 pc according to Deputy Burke.

He said that means Ireland is the most vaccinated country in the EU and the Irish public should be commended for their efforts.

“The Irish people have made huge sacrifices since the start of the pandemic as we have changed the way we live by reducing our social contacts, in addition to businesses and workers whose livelihoods have been affected by the Covid restrictions “, he added.

It is understood that vaccination levels could also be higher in some border counties, as the HSE is aware that some residents of these counties may have been vaccinated in Northern Ireland.

In Donegal, for example, the 14-day incidence rate of Covid-19 cases is 1,103.1 which is in line with the national average of 1,187.8, while Monaghan’s 14-day rate rises. at 886.2.

These rates are much lower than the rates of 1621.2 in Carlow and 1348.8 in Waterford, where the vaccination rate is more than 10 points higher.

MP Burke, who is his party’s spokesperson for health, said it was vital that people complete their full immunization cycle and that those not yet immunized come forward for the collective good of the community. company.

“We are currently seeing a high number of Covid cases and hospital admissions and every effort is being made to ensure that we can overcome this current wave of infection. To date, more than 500,000 people have received booster or third dose injections and we are asked to take individual measures to protect ourselves and others from Covid, ”he said.

“Over the weekend, our chief medical officer said that our high level of immunization is having a positive effect, especially in preventing serious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths, and the booster vaccines will provide people with protection. additional.

“I would also encourage people who have not yet been vaccinated to do so while we all continue to adhere to public health advice,” said MP Burke.


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