Gigable Adds Living Wage Feature to Its ‘Fair’ Take-Out Platform

Gigable, which aims to be a fair platform for delivery people and restaurants, has launched a new feature on its app to encourage better wages and terms.

The effective hourly wage indicator on the Gigable application will allow businesses to see how much they are paying in relation to the living wage and allow them to “top up” this rate, to compete for food delivery drivers.

The actual hourly wage consists of the gross amount payable to a driver, including the hourly, delivery and kilometer rate.

This comes against a backdrop of growing scrutiny of the concert economy and concert workers’ rights at EU level.

Gigable founder John Ryan, former Irish Defense Force captain, said: “We already have a very good average salary on the platform. It has recently increased to € 13.30 an hour – € 12.90 is the living wage in Ireland.

He said restaurants benefit from the salary indicator because it helps them attract delivery drivers.

“Restaurants increasingly want to know and trust the drivers and runners they work with and they prefer to have a regular team joining them, which is very difficult to do. you cannot do this with aggregators and [it’s] hard to do it on your own as a restaurant as well.

He also said there was a growing appetite for transparency.

While well-known gig-saving apps provide drivers with hourly work, Gigable’s main differentiator is that it provides its community of delivery drivers with full shifts.

“With us, a driver will know that he is working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday evening, for example, with the restaurant he chooses, depending on the profile of that restaurant and the rate of pay and rating of that restaurant. “

Gigable clients include The Press Up Group and Eddie Rockets.

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