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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has crafted new legislation to roll back elements of the post-Brexit deal to be implemented by summer unless the European Union moves. Although legislation on unilateral action has already been drawn up by Ms Truss, she told parliament on Tuesday that the “preference remains a negotiated solution with the EU”.

Following talks at Hillsborough Castle, Sinn Fein accused Boris Johnson of ‘reckless’ threats, but the UK said talks could only continue if the EU agreed to rewrite parts of the protocol, which has so far been ruled out.

Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Nigel Farage said the ‘biggest fear’ surrounding these actions ‘is the Belfast deal, the Good Friday deal completely collapsing on all of this?’

He continued: “Luckily today that didn’t happen but you never know after all it’s Northern Ireland.”

Ms Truss reassured Parliament, saying: ‘Our first priority is to uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement in all its dimensions.’

Boris Johnson tweeted on Monday: “Today I visit Northern Ireland with a clear message: the UK government will play its part in securing political peace and democracy, but the parties must come together to restore shared power. power and cope with the pressures of the cost of living”.

He added: “We need to have a functioning assembly and executive, so they can serve the people of Northern Ireland.

“There is no substitute for strong local leadership on issues like schools, health and the economy. Stormont needs to get back to work.

When Mr Wootton asked Mr Farage if the Government had ‘abandoned the people of Northern Ireland’, he replied that it had been ‘betrayed’.

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On Monday, the Foreign Secretary spoke to Simon Coveney, Irish Foreign Secretary and said: “I underlined our commitment to resolve the issues relating to the Northern Ireland Protocol, to protect the Belfast (Good Friday) by re-establishing the NI Executive and ensuring continued cooperation with our closest neighbour.

Mr Coveney warned that any unilateral action by the UK could undermine and “erode” the peace process and that there would be a “consequence” if UK actions caused instability in Ireland.

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