Fueling a greener future – E10 petrol will be rolled out in Northern Ireland on 1 November 2022

  • the greener E10 petrol will be rolled out across Northern Ireland from November, with a government campaign launched today to raise awareness
  • move will bring Northern Ireland in line with Great Britain and could help reduce carbon emissions across the UK, equivalent to removing 350,000 cars from UK roads each year
  • 95% of petrol cars are already compatible with E10 petrol, but campaign promotes tool for drivers to check if their car can use it

Drivers across Northern Ireland will soon be able to fill up with greener fuel when E10 petrol is rolled out as the new standard petrol grade from 1 November 2022.

Rolling out E10, which is petrol blended with up to 10% renewable ethanol, will help Northern Ireland decarbonise transport as it is greener than existing petrol. Its use across the UK could help reduce CO2 emissions from UK transport by potentially 750,000 tonnes a year, the equivalent of a forest the size of the Isle of Wight capturing carbon every year.

To help raise awareness of the coming change, the UK Government is today (29 August 2022) launching an information campaign for motorists in Northern Ireland which will see new fuel pump labels as well as targeted advertisements on digital, radio and social media.

While 95% of petrol cars will be compatible, the campaign will encourage those who are unsure to check their vehicle to use fuel using our online compatibility checker tool. This will ask you for information about your car before checking a database highlighting your car’s compatibility.

As well as playing a part in the UK’s ambitions to decarbonise transport and meet its net zero targets, the industry says the rollout of E10 petrol could support thousands of jobs over the next supply chain and boost job opportunities across the country.

This is something Vivergo, a UK ethanol producer, has seen before, with 100 new jobs since the introduction of E10 in Britain and as we work to decarbonise it will hopefully be , a sign of more opportunities.

Decarbonization Minister Trudy Harrison said:

We are committed to reducing emissions from all of our roads and cleaning up our air, as we accelerate towards a zero-emission transportation future.

Although more motorists are driving electric vehicles, we can take steps to reduce emissions from the millions of vehicles already on our roads. The small switch to E10 petrol will not only help drivers across the country reduce their environmental impact, but could also create thousands of jobs across the UK.

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shailesh Vara said:

The government is committed to supporting the growth of green energy across the UK and the introduction of E10 petrol will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions on Northern Ireland’s roads.

Decarbonising transport modes has an important role to play in achieving the UK’s net zero targets as well as creating growth opportunities for our economy.

Gaynor Hartnell, chief executive of the Renewable Transport Fuel Association (RTFA), said:

Most petrol cars on the road are optimized to run on E10, and it is very welcome that motorists in Northern Ireland will soon benefit from access to this greener fuel.

The introduction of E10 will see the renewable ethanol in gasoline doubled, from the current E5 gasoline blend containing no more than 5% ethanol, further reducing emissions for millions of cars in line with our targets climatic.

A small number of older vehicles, including classic cars and some from the early 2000s, will continue to require E5 fuel, which is why E5 gasoline supplies will be maintained in “premium” gasoline grade . Motorists are advised to use the E10 compatibility checker to see if their vehicle is compatible.

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