Explanation: how to put your Digital Covid Cert on your phone


By now, most people over 40 have now received their Digital Covid Cert.

But the government sent it mostly on paper (by post) or as a PDF attached to an email, which is like a scan of a piece of paper.

Is there a way to use it digitally from your smartphone?

Yes, there are two ways to do this.


1. The Covid Tracker application

The Covid Tracker app has been updated with a new button called ‘Register EU Covid Digital Certificate’. When you tap it, it allows you to take a photo of the “QR code” (the square barcode) on your certificate. Then it will display your name, date of birth, and immunization status, along with your ID certificate and other technical details.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do it all on the same phone – you’ll either have to print the certificate or photograph it from the email you received, on another connected device.

2. Via a third-party application or online service

You can also load your Cert details into your phone’s “wallet”, where you keep other passes and payment cards.

On Android phones, download the free Greenpass app. Like the process of the Covid Tracker app above, it will allow you to photograph the QR barcode and then embed your details in your phone wallet.

For iPhones, go to the free Covid19passbook.netlify.app web app on your phone’s Safari browser. This will do the same as the Greenpass app, with the added utility of letting you “import” the QR code from a photo on the same phone (just capture the QR code from the e-mail on your phone).


It is important to note that the Digital Covid Cert is primarily intended as a verification tool for traveling between countries. At the airport, you will always be asked for your usual ID, such as a passport, to verify your identity on the Digital Covid Cert. It will also almost certainly be scanned by the authorities.

To close

The Digital Covid Cert is easy to copy, which means it will be weak verification in pubs and restaurants with no ID support. Photo: Adrien Weckler

The Digital Covid Cert is easy to copy, which means it will be weak verification in pubs and restaurants without ID media. Photo: Adrien Weckler

As a “pub pass” or a way to show a restaurant owner that you are vaccinated, the Digital Covid Cert is much lower. The government says that, when used, it will only be subject to visual inspection, likely without the need to produce any other form of identification. This means that it can be copied and shared between anyone who tries to cheat the system.

Independent.ie has already loaded the same Digital Covid Cert on multiple smartphones, with the same official verification appearing on each phone.


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