Don’t make deals with the ‘untrustworthy’ UK government

  • Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser has claimed their plan is still to ‘ditch pieces’ of the Brexit treaty.
  • Leo Varadkar, the former Irish Prime Minister, says this suggests the UK government negotiated in bad faith.
  • Varadkar warned the world not to make deals with a government that “does not honor its deals.”

Former Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has warned world leaders against signing deals with Boris Johnson’s government as the UK seeks to negotiate new trade deals after Brexit.

Varadkar’s warnings followed claims by Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s former chief adviser, that the UK was planning to ‘drop chunks’ of the Brexit treaty after winning the 2019 general election.

Varadkar, who negotiated the Northern Ireland backstop with Johnson in October 2019 as taoiseach, is now Irish Deputy Prime Minister.

In a series of tweets Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Cummings claimed that:

Varadkar told RTE, the Irish broadcaster, that Cummings’ comments were alarming and suggested the UK government had acted “in bad faith”.

“This message needs to be heard around the world,” Varadkar said, warning other countries to make trade deals with Johnson’s government.

“If the British government does not honor its agreements, it does not adhere to the treaties it signs, this must apply to everyone as well,” Varadkar told RTE.

“Right now they’re going around the world, trying to negotiate new trade deals. does not necessarily honor the agreements it makes.

“And you shouldn’t make a deal with them until you’re sure they’re keeping their promises and honoring things like, like protocol.”

Cummings also suggested without providing any context that “Cheating foreigners is an essential part of the job”, the government legal department was “mutinous” and Johnson was a basket “fkd”.

Cummings frequently referred to Johnson using the shopping cart emoji, after telling MPs in May 2021 that he was going to “smash across the aisle.”

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