Calculators to be put in place so that tourists can measure the carbon footprint of Irish holidays


Tourists will be able to calculate the carbon cost of their vacation in Ireland under a new government report.

arbon calculators are expected to be in place by the end of March next year, which would allow tourists to calculate the impact of their vacation’s carbon footprint on the environment.

The Cabinet will today consider a new report from the Government’s Task Force on Sustainable Tourism on ways to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.

Tourists and tour operators could also be asked to make a “sustainability pledge” which is also expected to be developed by March 2022.

This “will support Ireland’s efforts to help preserve the environment and act responsibly and sustainably,” according to the report.

He also says that a feasibility study should be carried out to see the infrastructure that would be needed to cross Irish tourism hot spots through “sustainable modes of transport”.

Tourist attractions across the country should be “promoted” as “best-in-class” in terms of sustainability, the report said.

One of the action points of the report also states that incentives should be put in place to encourage tourism businesses to go green.

He also says carbon benchmarks should be put in place for Irish tourism.

“Establishing a CO2 benchmark for Irish tourism will support evidence-based decision making for an effective reduction of the carbon footprint of tourism,” the report says.

The report states that there is a need to develop more “green, blue and walking paths” to attract tourists.

The report, which will be presented to the Cabinet by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Catherine Martin and was seen by the Independent Irish, also states that responsibilities should be assigned at the “director level” to Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland to give direction and “heightened profile” to green tourism.

He adds that by the fall of next year, a “senior industry representative” should be appointed to act as a “sustainability champion” to encourage businesses to “fully play their role in implementation of the sustainable development program ”.

The working group also recommends that tourism be taken into account in any research carried out by the Ministry of Transport on the impact of the carbon tax on the aviation sector.

The government is also informed in the report that there is a need to establish a “clear narrative” for communications on the “government’s sustainability agenda and its implementation”.

This narrative should reflect “the understanding and attitudes of the community and businesses towards it”.

He also says “workshops” should be organized with community groups and local farmers to “maximize the potential of nature-based solutions in local tourism”.

The report warns that companies that are not viable in the future will become “outliers”.

“The industry must continue to evolve in a sustainable direction.

Both because of the benefits for the environment and communities, but also for individual businesses.

Over time, sustainability will become the norm and it will be the companies that do not engage that will be the outliers, ”he says.

The “successful implementation” of the plan’s recommendations will mean a “green transition” for the tourism industry.

The report states that this will give “better access to information and tools for visitors to practice responsible tourism and give businesses and tourist destinations the opportunity to measure the impact of tourism on the environment.”


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