Burglar (52) broke into Supermacs with underwear on his head

A burglar who broke into a Supermacs with underpants over his head will be convicted later.

Hilip Daly (52), a former fisherman with 102 convictions, had tried to feed a “deep” drug addiction. The defense lawyer said his behavior has since “improved markedly”.

Daly of Curran Park, Balbriggan pleaded guilty in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to two counts of burglary at Supermacs and Papa Johns at Texaco Balbriggan petrol station on May 24, 2020 and burglary at a hairdresser on Chapel Street, Balbriggan on February 2, 2020 .

He had previously been sentenced to two and a half years with the last 18 months suspended due to a new count of burglary at the same gas station on the same day. He has served that sentence and is under probationary supervision.

Judge Orla Crowe adjourned the case so it can be clarified why sentencing was handed down on one count on the bill on a separate date and why not all offenses were dealt with at the same time time.

Judge Crowe also ordered an updated probation report and fortnightly drug tests.

Garda Stephen O’Toole told prosecuting Fiona Crawford BL that in the early hours of the morning a person jumped a wooden fence from a nearby estate and opened the emergency door of the Texaco gas station before to run off with a crate of Supermacs. Region.

This person, later identified as Daly, had his head covered in underpants. Daly returned an hour later and was seen crawling on the ground but nothing was taken.

Daly was later found inside the gas station by gardai after a panic alarm went off and stopped.

Following his arrest, he was also questioned about an earlier burglary at a hairdresser in Balbriggan. The owners lived in a separate room under the same roof.

They had arrived home in the early morning to find the store broken into, the place in disarray and 200 euros taken out of a box. Access was through a closed but unsecured window.

Daly was identified on CCTV. He made no admissions during the interview.

Keith Spencer BL, defending, said Daly was someone with a deep-seated drug addiction. He said business was close in time as Daly was at rock bottom trying to feed his addiction.

He asked the court to take into account that his client had been on probationary supervision since he was convicted of the third Texaco burglary and had no further convictions.

He said Daly complied with the order and his behavior had improved markedly. He said Daly had previously worked as a fisherman but now lived with his elderly mother.

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