Brexit LIVE: Truss’ ‘biggest mistake’ warned Boris’ departure would cripple post-EU ‘fantasy’ | Politics | New

Mocking elites have been silenced by an influx of American entrepreneurs ready to unleash Britain’s Brexit power.

Nile Gardiner, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, has revealed a surge of American businessmen coming to the UK despite liberal media “hissing” about Brexit.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Gardiner said: ‘East and West Coast elites scoff at British sovereignty, revere Brussels and applaud the impending departure of their hated transatlantic enemy, Boris Johnson.

But, he added: “Despite their mocking tone, however, there is a growing exodus of wealthy elites from large Democratic-run US states, particularly from California, with many executives now ironically moving to Brexit Britain.

“Even as America’s elites like to whistle on Brexit, global Britain, freed from the shackles of the EU, is an increasingly attractive place for Americans to do business, especially compared to the California of left, often derided today as a socialist basket case by American conservatives.”

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is among those ditching the US for Brexit Britain, as is former Deputy Prime Minister and ardent Remainer Nick Clegg, who moved to Silicon Valley for the giant social media meta in 2018.

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