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It’s October and that time of year the ghouls and creepy witches are out! The leaves turn orange and drop to the ground like flies, leaving the branches bare and unnerving on a cold, moonless night. Grab your blankets, cozy socks, and plush toys, and jump under the covers for these deliciously spooky books. You will tremble, you might cry, and you will keep turning the pages.

The ghosts of Ophie by Justina Ireland

Ophie is a special little girl who lived a tragic life at a very young age. After the murder of her beloved father, she develops the ability to see ghosts. When she and her mother flee to live with her aunt in Pittsburg, Ophie finds herself working as a maid for an unsavory employer in a mansion full of ghosts. Why does Ophie have such a gift? And what do the many ghosts in the mansion want from her?

Ghosts in mansions by Lisa Owings

There are many haunted places in the world. Read about the mysterious Winchester House or the Borley Rectory, which is said to be the most haunted place in England. You might even be inspired to visit some of these spooky places yourself.

Tea Party Session by Reimena Yee

After Lora’s friendships start to wane, Lora decides she can still have fun on her own. In love with all things scary, the bizarre Lora finds a new friend when she sets up a shoot and meets the mysterious Alexa, a ghost who haunts her house. This book will make you cry not for fear, but for its beauty and beauty.

Sir Simon: Super Scarer by Cale Atkinson

Being a ghost is tough, and for Simon, a professional ghost is a full time job. He used to haunt bus stops, potatoes and forests, but now he has a house to haunt. Simon thinks it will be an easy job because the owner is just an old lady, until he finds out that a child is also coming with the old lady. At first he is annoyed by the boy, who keeps asking him questions about his job. Eventually, a wacky friendship develops between the two characters.

The Girl in the Closed Room: A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Hahn

A family moves into an old abandoned house. Nothing seems strange about it or weird at all. What they don’t know about the house is that they are not alone, there is another mysterious occupant. The main character of the story is Jules, whose father plans to restore and repair the house. Take this book and follow Jules as she tries to unravel the mystery of the ghost upstairs.

Visit us at the library to get your own copies of these spooky reads and more!

Sabira Lor is a children’s librarian at the Wando Mount Pleasant Branch Library, 1400 Carolina Park Blvd., 843-805-6888,

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