American criticized as a hole ** for saying she was “Irish” despite no connection to the country

An American has been called a “hole **” for introducing herself with her friend as Irish – although she could not prove any connection to the island.

We’ve all seen this happen at some point. If you are ever in America and someone hears your Irish accent then you will have a story about how their great-grandfather had a brother whose dog had a cousin whose goldfish was from Leitrim, so they themselves are Irish.

Which is just wrong.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that they don’t just do this by talking to Irish people.

An article on a popular Reddit page over the weekend spoke of a predicament a user had found themselves in.

They wrote: “I have Irish great-great-grandparents. I have lived in England, like all my relatives, since 1910.

“I recently started bringing an American woman with me, and she introduces herself to people as ‘Irish’.

“Now I know Americans do this weird thing where they believe they are where their ancestors came from. We Europeans find it hilarious, but what are you going to do?

“Recently I researched my family history and she got involved.

“She now says I should say I’m ‘Irish’, otherwise it’s disrespectful to my ancestors.

“Problem is, I’m not Irish. I’m English. I don’t know Irish culture. I’ve never been to Ireland. I’m English. I’d say she’s not Irish either. since she has never been to Ireland nor knows Irish culture but, despite everything, she can present herself as she wishes.

“She’s incredibly upset that I refuse to say I’m Irish and she even started to introduce me as her Irish friend. I told her to stop, and she got pissed off.”

Two women attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York

The person who posted the story asked if she was the hole ** or was it her friend, and the results were unanimous in the comments.

A native added: “As an Irishman I can say that you are right. She is not Irish and you are not. Americans give themselves a bad reputation by pretending to be Irish because of a vague ancestry.

“I’m American with Irish ancestry and I agree. I don’t know why people do this. I cringe when I think of my brother’s Irish-inspired tattoos. We’re never been to ireland and as far as i know we haven’t had any connection in generations

“She’s about as Irish as Queen Elizabeth.” laughed a comment with another adding, “I always wonder if Americans don’t really like being Americans and that’s why they claim a heritage that they don’t personally have.”

The post made its way onto the Irish reddit page on Sunday, with a comment that summed it up: “It should be illegal to identify that you are from where your great-grandparents came from. what because a side of mine is from Cavan. “

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