Alex Cole-Hamilton says he has ‘the toughest job in politics’

Maybe the Downing Street cleaner, with all the parties there?

Or EU negotiator as Northern Ireland Protocol talks continue?

Could he lead a country, any country, through the biggest health crisis of our lifetime?

Or what about all those politicians and diplomats involved right now in trying to defuse the threat of war on the Ukrainian border?

The answer may surprise you, according to Alex Cole-Hamilton.

He says he has been “often told” that the toughest job is actually his own, at the helm of the good ship of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

It’s been six months since he took the leadership badge from Willie Rennie, he told his Twitter followers, but he insists every day is as golden as a LibDems rosette.

The Scottish LibDems have four MSPs at Holyrood, four MPs at Westminster and just over 60 councilors across Scotland.

Cole-Hamilton took over the leadership shortly after the last election to the Scottish Parliament. He hopes to increase the party’s vote share and the number of councilors elected in the municipal elections in May.

The Jouker guesses that probably will be a tough gig.

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