3 Georgian educators receive stipends for inspiring children to enter STEM

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A Douglasville man is on a mission to make science and math careers inclusive.

He is one of three Georgian educators to have received stipends due to their work with children. Todd Ireland tells CBS46 the stipend money he earned goes directly to the growing organization he helped start, 100 Black Men of Douglasville.

Room 111 at the Douglasville Community Center is where Todd Ireland spends several Saturdays a month teaching STEM to children in the community.

“I have a background in mechanical engineering, coming to corporate America I haven’t seen many people who looked like me. I wanted to encourage young black and brown boys and girls to be interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics so that in the future they can pursue a career in engineering,” said Ireland.

Todd helped start 100 black men from Douglasville. Its STEM courses are part of the curriculum. It opened its sessions to all children from 10 to 14 years old.

“100 Black Men in Douglasville actually started on March 13, 2020… We decided we wanted to focus on mentoring, not just black boys, but our youth and our community,” Ireland said.

The non-profit Society for Science has granted Ireland three thousand dollars to continue its work.

“We’re working to build science literacy, education and to really nurture science-minded global citizens,” said Caitlin Sullivan of the Society for Science, “We really believe in the work he’s doing and hope that we we can continue to support him in the future.”

“If I’m able to give back, that’s what I’m going to do,” Ireland said.

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