100 votes #AllAgainstRacism: Ronan Hynes – “It is very rich of us as Irish to judge those who have come to the country when, historically, we have emigrated all over the place”

Ronan Hynes shares his thoughts and experiences as part of 100 Voices: #AllAgainstRacism.

Ronan Hynes,

It is very rich of us, as Irish, to judge those who have come to the country when, historically, we have emigrated all over the place. We don’t like it when Australians or Americans talk about us. So it is very hypocritical that some Irish people try to insist that Ireland belongs only to people who were born here, or have ancestors here, spanning hundreds of years.

Social media is a good thing, but it’s also horrible. You can see the racism in the comments sections. It’s a mask for some people – they can say whatever they want in it and there are no repercussions. So we need to put in place legislation. We need to get companies like Facebook, which run a lot of this, to watch it more. We’ve seen, with the pandemic, how quickly they can report something about a vaccine. Or even, in the US election, how they might signal and shoot certain things. They have the facilities to do it, but it’s about putting the systems into action. This must be the next step in fighting it.

We have only witnessed it. We have never experienced it. But when we see him, we call him. It is very important for us to move forward.

It’s happening. You can see how diverse the music industry in Ireland is right now, with Erica Cody, Denise Chaila, JYellowL and – even for us – working with Hare Squead. These people are really boosting the Irish music industry. It is going in the right direction. Everyone should be optimistic about the change. And then they have to work for it.

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